Our 2 Week 'Petit Trial Pack’ is a wonderful opportunity to experience our classes. The Petit Trial Pack consists of two lessons and allows your child to become familiar with our nurturing dance environment.

    * Redeemable on term fees (when continued consistently)
    * Dress in any dance appropriate outfit with bare feet
    * Watch your child’s first lesson. One parent or carer can view the class

    We are a provider for both, Active and Creative kids.

    Please note the listed time is not an actual class.
    Choose a week in Term 3 you would like to start your 2 Week Petit Trial Pack
    You will receive a copy of our Term 3 timetable with your booking confirmation email from Kidsbook.
    We will contact you shortly after your booking confirmation to discuss availability and arrange your preferred class to start your child dancing with us.

    We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

128 Sailors Bay Rd, Northbridge NSW 2063, Australia

2 - 12 years old

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128 Sailors Bay Rd, Northbridge NSW 2063, Australia

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Le Petit Ballet

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Le Petit Ballet is the place for your child to experience the joys of dance. Our studio is a vibrant space where each student feels connected and celebrated. We offer small classes for children from two years old including ballet, jazz, Lyrical and tap.

Our preschool programs inspire imagination and creativity. We believe in teaching freedom before form, to build your child's confidence and give your child permission to have fun!

Our studio is continuously evolving to support our students on their dance journey. Whether it is to provide a place to connect and be creative or offer the pathways if your child is interested in pursuing the arts.


★ Petit Ballet (2-5 years)

Ballet is the foundation to all styles of dance. It teaches children elegance, grace and amazing posture. We know many petits dream about tutus and pointe shoes. We learn soft fluid movements and basic ballet steps including demi-plies, spins, toe points and skips. Our ballet classes follow a magical story each term giving our lessons a special sparkle.

★ Pre-Primary / Primary Ballet (Kindergarten - Year 1)

Our Primary Ballet combines elements of the RAD syllabus with our own story-based themes. We give children the chance to develop their own creative flair while building confidence. We introduce many of the foundation ballet steps. Our Primary Ballet is a bridge between petit ballet and RAD ballet syllabus classes.

★ Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) 7+ years

From 7 years old classes follow the renowned Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus. Students will start to develop a good understanding of the foundations of ballet and also begin to develop their unique artistry. Students may be invited to enrol for an exam with the RAD.

★ Jazz (3+ years)

Jazz is an upbeat dance style that is accompanied by pop music. It will keep your child moving and grooving. We learn basic jazz technique and steps including jazz runs, kicks, turns and leaps. This class is a great compliment to ballet or on its own.

★ Lyrical (6+ years)

Lyrical dance is a modern style that combines ballet and jazz technique. The term Lyrical comes from the word “lyric,” which means to have a poetic, expressive quality. Lyrical is performed to music with lyrics to inspire expression of emotions through movement. Lyrical can be a wonderful extension from ballet and also a beautiful introduction to dance as it instills a sense of enjoyment by simply moving to the music.

★ Tap Dance (3+ years)

Tap dancing is an energetic style focusing on movements of the feet to create sounds from tap shoes. Tap dance helps to build strength in the body and precise movements of the feet. It really is lots of fun!

★ Stretch and Condition (6+ years)

The perfect accompaniment to every class. This class focuses on stretching and strengthening. Our dancers always ask to stretch. We have dedicated an entire class to help those dancers waiting to get more flexible and improved their technique.

At Le Petit Ballet we inspire a love to dance!

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