AAPES Parkour - Half Day Workshop - School Holidays 2023

AAPES- Parkour Exercise & Self-Defence • Botany 2019


    Do the kids drive you crazy on the school holiday? Need to burn off some energy? Our school holiday workshops are a crash course for kids in Parkour!

    Part-day workshops are a great intro. to the Parkour basics and the culture of fun that it entails.

    Kids will be challenged, inspired and learn to be their very best.

    Every workshop is totally unique, based on the individual instructor’s sense of fun and their individual Parkour abilities.

    Holiday workshops aim to instil safety in training for all kids, ensuring that whether your kids are training at school, parks, playgrounds, or AAPES, they are safe, while keeping a vibrant sense of fun.

    Our workshops cover the most popular movements of Parkour, allowing kids to build their own curriculum with Australia’s best Parkour instructors. Think demonstrations, games, obstacle courses and heaps more!

18 Tenterden Rd, Botany NSW 2019, Australia

6 - 15 years old

0 hour



Accepts creative kids vouchers

Where to find us

18 Tenterden Rd, Botany NSW 2019, Australia

About the provider

Parkour is one of the fastest growing, and most visually impressive activities on the planet, and ANYONE can do it! Whether you’re a first-time jumper, a fitness addict looking to get fit in a different way, or just wanting to try something new, we invite you to come try Parkour!

Way back in 2012, in a small unit garage in Sydney’s Inner West, what would soon be AAPES was born. Since those humble beginnings, AAPES has grown to become Australia’s biggest and best Parkour and Freerunning gym, with a dedicated warehouse in Botany. AAAPES is the only Parkour gym in the Sydney region!

Our Parkour, Freerunning, self-defence and strength classes are taught by some of Australia’s top traceurs and most dedicated athletes.

Try one of our Parkour classes today to see how we can help empower you, and help you get fit and reach your goals through our community of passionate individuals. Our classes run throughout the year (no terms or blocks) and you can start at anytime!

Parkour is closer to a discipline than a sport, and trains your mind as well as your body. Despite what you’ve seen on the news, parkour is not as “extreme” or “reckless” as you may believe. Anyone can try it, and everyone can benefit from it!

Come try out a class, and you’ll see why our gym is amongst some of Australia’s biggest and best. For class timetables and bookings visit or contact us.

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Gaby K

My daughters loved this place. Lots of different games and they learnt some great skills. Coaches were professional yet fun.

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Provider response | Posted on

Thanks Gaby, we are glad to hear that the girls had a great day!


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Olivier L

Olivier booked with AAPES- Parkour Exercise & Self-Defence and would recommend them.


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David V

My 10 and 7 yo had a great time at AAPES. very exhausted at the end and sore muscles the next day but thats a good thing.

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