This Workshop has EVERYTHING!
    Bungee Fitness is famous for its fun and unique school holiday workshops. We are thrilled to be back these Christmas holidays with another round of workshops, teaching the kids how to fly like Superman.

    Children LOVE IT and it is no wonder why. The kids enjoy some fun fitness, play exciting games, make new friends and even win prizes. You’ll be shocked at all the amazing skills your kids can pick up in just a single session.

    COVID hygiene rules are in place and capacity restrictions respected to ensure the safety of everyone.

    Workshop Dates Jan 2023
    Saturday 7th – Bungee & Aerial
    Monday 9th- Aerial only
    Tuesday -10th Bungee & Aerial
    Wednesday -11th Bungee & Aerial 10+
    Thursday -12th Bungee & Aerial
    Friday -13th Bungee & Aerial
    Saturday -14th Bungee & Aerial
    Monday 16th -Aerial only
    Tuesday 17th -Bungee & Aerial 10+
    Wednesday 18th -Bungee & Aerial
    Thursday 19th -Bungee only
    Friday 20th- Bungee & Aerial
    Saturday 21st -Bungee &Aerial
    Monday 23rd -Aerial only
    Tuesday 24th -Bungee & Aerial

    You can save time messing about with paperwork on the day by signing an electronic waiver now. Keep in mind that just signing a waiver does not reserve your place in the class. Be sure to complete the booking process to secure your spot.

    What age is this suited for?
    The majority of our school holiday workshops include children aged from 5 years up. Once a week, a workshop will run solely for bigger kids aged 10 and up.

    What do the kids do there?
    What won’t they do! Workshops include the bungee, of course. They also include aerial silks, hoop, trapeze and even aerial yoga!

    The kids learn the basics of all our awesome anti-gravity apparatuses.

    How long does a workshop last?
    School holiday workshops go for one and a half fun-filled hours.

    Do I have to stay?
    Not at all. Workshops are drop-off and pick-up events. Due to COVID restrictions, parents are no longer able to watch the final 15 minutes of the workshops… we are sure your kids will be bursting to tell you all the awesome things they learned.

    Are the kids supervised?
    Absolutely. Qualified trainers remain at all times to instruct the kids in a fun and safe environment.

    What should my child bring?
    Please bring along a water bottle. It is also a good idea to sign the waiver online ahead of time. This saves time on the day.

    What should they wear?
    Fully enclosed shoes are a must for safety purposes. Other than that, comfortable clothing the kids can move freely in is ideal.

    Do I need to book ahead?
    Yes! School Holiday Workshops sell out fast and numbers are strictly limited. Book online to avoid disappointment.

    How much is it?
    Tickets are $25 per child. This includes bungee, aerial silks, hoop, trapeze, and hammock play.

1/12 Ace Cres, Tuggerah NSW 2259, Australia

5 - 19 years old

0 hour



Accepts creative kids vouchers

Where to find us

1/12 Ace Cres, Tuggerah NSW 2259, Australia

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Bungee Fitness Australia

4.4 out of 5 (View 9 ratings)

Say goodbye to boring exercise routines; this is no monotonous gym workout. Bungee Fitness Australia is a fully-equipped Anti-Gravity fitness studio. That means bungee, trapeze, lyra, silks, aerial yoga and a unique venue to host your next event or party.

Whether you are serious about exercise or just seriously want to have fun! There is a unique class to meet your needs.


★ Bungee Kids

Bungee Kids is a light and fun workout for children aged 7 – 12 years. Children over 12 can be considered for adult classes.

This is a great way for your kids to get exercise while having a whole lot of fun at the same time. Bungee Kids enjoy their unique class with the added assistance of our trainers. The kids will learn training basics and fly around while getting fit!

★ Bungee Mum’s & Bubs

Bungee Mum’s & Bubs is specifically for mothers with children who are just getting back into (or just starting up) training after baby.

We welcome new mums to have their children with them while training in the studio. We do not have a creche, however, you can bring your little ones into the class. Bubs can stay in a pram, capsule or whatever your baby likes to be seated in. This way, you can have them close with the option of stopping to attend to your child.


★ Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots combines the beginning stages of strength and flexibility for children aged 2-6 years.

Each fun-filled lesson incorporates elements of jumping, spinning, swinging and climbing. Tiny Tots classes develop the basis for hanging and gripping the various aerial apparatus. Children will learn the fundamentals of shapes and technique development in a safe and supportive environment.

★ Open Aerials – Kids

Open aerials for kids is an open foundations class incorporating silks, hammock, trapeze and lyra.

Aerials are great for developing children’s hand-eye coordination, balance, strength and flexibility. This is a fun and adaptable class for all skill levels. Each lesson works in a circuit rotation. This ensures your child gets the most out of each class and learns new and exciting drills and skills each week.

Open Aerials for children are divided into two age-based classes; 6-12 years and 13-16 years.


★ Children's Parties

Want to have your very own private Bungee & Aerial Party?

Bungee Fitness Australia offer parties for all ages, abilities and events so you can sit back and relax – we have got this!

A fun and unique party for ages 6-12 years includes:

○ Exclusive use of the venue

○ Party suited to ages & theme

○ Bungee flying and tricks

○ Bungee games

○ Play on the aerial hammocks, hoops, silks and trapeze

○ Qualified trainers

○ Fun and safe environment

○ Optional Extras available

○ BYO fingers foods and cake

○ Suitable for ages 5+

★ Birthdays, Hens and More

Want to arrange your very own private Bungee & Aerial get-together suitable for teen and adult birthdays, Hen’s celebrations, workplace Christmas parties and more?

Bungee Fitness Australia offers parties for all ages, abilities and events so you can simply relax and enjoy yourself.

A fun and unique party for ages 13 and up includes:

○ Exclusive use of the venue

○ Party suited to age range & theme

○ Bungee flying and tricks

○ Bungee games

○ Hang on the aerial hammocks

○ Qualified trainers

○ Fun and safe environment

○ BYO fingers foods and cake

○ Suitable for ages 13+

All ages and abilities are catered for. We welcome you to come and be part of the excitement.

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