Beauty & the Beast - A Musical Theatre Intensive for Kids!

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    Engage your kids this school holiday with our exciting musical theatre program! Step into the enchanting world of Beauty and the Beast: The Musical, where our talented students bring this timeless tale to life on stage.

    Over three days of immersive fun, our aspiring young stars will receive specialized training in the core elements of musical theatre – singing, dancing, and acting – under the guidance of seasoned professionals. Witness their talents flourish as they captivate audiences with the magical music and beloved characters of Beauty and the Beast.

Jerrat Dr, East Fremantle WA 6158, Australia

5 - 13 years old

6 hours

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Jerrat Dr, East Fremantle WA 6158, Australia

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Siren Performing Arts

5.0 out of 5 (View 17 ratings)


Welcome to Siren.


Get your kids off the couch these school holidays and into one of our musical theatre programs! Your kids will spend three days training in the three tenets of musical theatre: singing, dancing and acting, before showcasing everything they have learned in a short in-house performance of excerpts from popular children’s musicals.


Led by industry professionals, this program builds confidence, fosters friendships, and develops performance skills.

Through singing, dancing, and acting, your little ones will discover the joy of storytelling and unleash their imagination in a supportive community atmosphere. Join us as we nurture their creativity, ignite their passion for the performing arts, and watch them shine like the brightest stars!


○ SIREN KIDS (Ages 6-12)

○ SIREN TEENS (Ages 13-17)

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