If you want to make time to bond with a child in your life who loves art, this is the perfect gift!

    Or maybe you know a busy adult who wants one on one time with their child in a creative way.

    It could be a Mum and son, a Grandma and granddaughter, an Aunty and nephew. Whatever combination you like.

    Spend quality time together bonding, as well as having fun and being creative.

    Don’t let your lack of skills put you off, no art skills are necessary. Even if you are worried you don’t have a creative bone in your body! Art is all about practice and one of the benefits of the class is to learn new skills together.

    Your child will love being able to take the art you have made home to hang. Way better than a toy that gets broken or forgotten about! They will have the memory of your time together which is particularly special.

    Popular classes are:
    FORAGE & PAINT - we forage in the garden for things to print with and turn our art into a Australian themed artwork.
    COFFEE ART - experimenting with coffee using a variety of other supplies to create textured paper for further artworks.
    HOW TO DRAW A FACE IN PERSPECTIVE - step by step. Better for ages 7 and up.
    DESIGN YOUR OWN - let me know what you are interested in and I will design a class for you. It could be anything from drawing to sculpting, painting to collage.

    Classes are 1.5hrs and are in Winmalee, NSW.

    This class is for 1 adult and 1 child, please see other listings for 3 or more people

    Bookings can be made at a mutually suitable time Friday 4pm, Saturday 10am or 2pm, Sunday 10am or 2pm

Winmalee NSW 2777, Australia

5 - 19 years old

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Winmalee NSW 2777, Australia

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Creative Abyss

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My aim for the kids is:

1. To give them the tools and confidence to create wherever they are. I want them to look around the house or whatever environment they are in and use what they have, not be dependent on expensive supplies.

2. For them to realise that everyone is different, we all have different ideas and skills. I want them to use their imagination and not copy from me or anyone else in the class. I show them a technique and they create their masterpiece. It is amazing how different ideas come out of the same lesson.

3. For them to not beat themselves up if it isn't going the way they had imagined.

Mixed Media Artist and Teacher


I live in the beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia.

For me, art is very grounding. It pushes me to learn new things about myself by constantly asking questions and keeps me in check.

Most of my art is created unintentionally meaning I have no set agenda, it just comes out. So, to me, "Creative Abyss" means imagining and creating something from deep inside.

I work in mixed media and love using lots of layers. My mantra is "Texture, texture, texture!"

Creative Abyss is a fun way for me to let my hair down, be creative, learn about myself and have a whole lot of fun.

I run after school classes during term, school holiday classes, 1:1 and Connect With Me (1 adult & 1 child)

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