Creative Writing Workshop + mentoring for Primary school children

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    Join Felicity for a dynamic group creative writing workshop, followed by long-term individually mentored writing support.

    Primary Creative Writing Workshop: Monday July 3, 9am – 11am

    In our 2 hour group writing workshop, we will:

    – Discover the secrets to crafting compelling stories through logical and easy-to-understand processes, which can be applied to your school writing topics.
    – Develop the art of structuring stories using simple, logical steps
    – Create vivid characters
    – Build evocative settings
    – Master the art of crafting stunning openings and exciting endings
    – The Primary Creative Writing Workshop will centre around skills developed in the younger years’ curriculum – but in a fun and engaging way that doesn’t feel like school!
    The 2 hour group session will incorporate both instructional lessons and dynamic, guided contributions from the group – although there is no pressure to engage in the discussion if the child does not wish to do so. Felicity will nurture individual ideas within the group and provide guidance to help them flourish during class.

    But the journey doesn’t end there… After the workshop, you’ll have the opportunity for one-on-one feedback and development with Felicity. Submit your work, and she will personally guide you through the writing process until your piece reaches its full potential.

    This workshop is now FREE with the NSW Creative Kids Vouchers.

    Primary Creative Writing Workshop: Monday July 3, 9am – 11am

    Run via Zoom

6 - 13 years old

0 hour



Accepts creative kids vouchers

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My Creative Writing Workshops are all about having fun, and completing a writing task so the writer feels a sense of achievement - tasks such as writing a chapter plan for a book, crafting a short story, or diving in to some poetry. Ultimately this is all designed to lead to a lifelong passion for writing!

With options for children from the age of 3 up to adult, there is a large array of options for learning different writing techniques and genre writing. Being one-on-one, our Creative Writing Workshops are designed to be bespoke to your needs or wants, and experienced online at a time which suits you.

We take the Creative Kids Vouchers and have discount packages for longer writing courses or multiple workshops. As well as the personalised real time workshops, we have a library of self-paced writing videos you can choose from too.

Come along, and discover A Way With Words.

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