GTS provides individual and group guitar sessions. The learning is song-based with a set of up to 5 songs of the students choice forming the basis around the students practice and skills development. Full coverage of practical technical skill development and theory is provided. On-line sessiosn are also an option. ALL conceivable styles and genres of music are covered.

38 Phillips St, Hamilton North NSW 2292, Australia

5 - 19 years old

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38 Phillips St, Hamilton North NSW 2292, Australia

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GTS Guitar Tuition Services has been providing expert guitar tuition since 1999. Beginning as a provider of individual tuition only, it has now grown to cater for school, aged care and disability groups.

We have around 200 clients enrolled. The teaching is conducted by Paul Nickerson, a musician all his adult life..

We offer standard song-based tuition to all, as well as tailored HSC music tuition including instruction, help with assessments and assignments, and help with performances - including performing with the students at crunch time.

Our chief focus, though, is to help people to play the songs they love and have long wanted to be able to play.

All possible areas of musical theory are covered, including how to read and write in standard notation and tablature.

We run guitar and community music programs at four local area public schools; MILLERS FOREST PS, KAHIBAH PS, HILLSBORO PS, STOCKTON PS and HAMILTON NORTH PS.

We do the same for disability peer support and respite groups NEWLAKE PEER SUPPORT and DELANDO CORP.

We also attend various group homes for the disabled around the greater Newcastle area.

Students who feel they are ready for public performance are also welcome to join the country/acoustic rock band KING SHAKEY at our regular Showcases at the Gallipoli Club in Beaumont St Hamilton.

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