Excited to launch our next KIDS ON CAMERA session for the WINTER Holidays! 8 classes Monday - Thursdays July 1 - 11 from 10am - 1pm! Kids ages 10 - 14 will have an awesome experience learning the craft and process of developing a role and performing it on camera. This will prepare and teach your kid new skills in what it’s like to prepare an audition and craft a character in a scene for popular film and television shows. A great place to meet new friends and learn to collaborate in this creative medium and environment. It will build confidence and allow them to discover the joy of acting! Sign up ASAP for our 8 day session (Mon - Thu) from 10am - 1pm ($300) at

    And be sure to follow our socials for any updates! @HollywoodActorLab

Studio 6/222A Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia

10 - 14 years old

3 hours

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Studio 6/222A Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia

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Hollywood Actor Lab

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A Studio for Actors

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Casual and fun acting class for kids ages (roughly 8-14).

This program is designed to help young actors discover the fun and joy of performance and storytelling while learning how to communicate and listen better as they have a platform to express themselves and work with others in the filmmaking process.

From theatre games to poignant acting exercises, the day ends with on camera scene work. Parents will get a private downloadable video link of the days work. Individualized attention is given to each actor based on their age and progress.


After working as actors and filmmakers for three decades in New York, Hollywood and Australia, The Hollywood Actor Lab is now in Melbourne with a studio centrally located in Collingwood VIC Australia.

We are more than just a studio for actors. We are a community of supportive artists who help each other thrive and shine in the craft of acting. We aim to balance the work, the joy, and the consistency of regular performance, whether you’re an aspiring professional or are simply wanting to make acting a regular part of your week. We not only want you to succeed professionally, we want you to enjoy the process.

We keep our prices affordable so you can always be training. Consistent exercise and practice is paramount for success.

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