Happy Hearts. Calm Minds. Healthy Bodies.

    Yoga to support mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

    We move, we breath, we connect and we calm out minds.

    💜 Welcoming calm, safe space.
    💙 Movement for health bodies.
    💜 Mindfulness for emotional wellbeing.
    💙 Breathing Exercises to manage and recognise emotions.
    💜 Guided Meditation to nurture and reset.
    💙 Fun just because we all need happiness and good vibes flowing

44/7 Villiers Pl, Cromer NSW 2099, Australia

5 - 11 years old

0 hour



Accepts active kids vouchers

Where to find us

44/7 Villiers Pl, Cromer NSW 2099, Australia

About the provider

My name is Shannon Summergreene, the owner of Little Big Warrior, the only Kids & Teens Yoga and Healing Centre on the Northern Beaches, Sydney. I have a mission to reduce mental health within in Children and Teens.

As a empath, I understands sensitivities, emotions and what it is like to not feel like everyone else. By empowering youth to have self-confidence, self-worth and self love, kids can BE THEMSELVES.

Little Big Warrior is a welcoming, supportive, fun and nurturing family community. Implementing a natural, effective, and straightforward approach, yoga works the entire body, soothing the mind, strengthening muscles, supporting your organs and making you feel good.

Using and incorporating various holistic modalities, I create yoga session where the kids feel good, they have fun and they feel safe and comfortable to open up, to just be themselves.


★ Energy Healing, Coaching & Private Yoga Sessions

Specialising in postpartum PTSD, Children & Teens, working with highly empathic and sensitive children, Children on the Spectrum, with Autism, A.D.D., and A.D.H.D. I have had amazing results with children sleeping better, doing better in school, and feeling more connected to their bodies.

Working with and clearing past truama’s, old behaviour patterns, creating the space for a new positive mindset, one that accepts, grows and let go’s.

★ Kids & Teens Yoga

★ Mini, Tween & Teen Girl Circles

These circles are designed for girls who may suffer from anxiety, depression, lack in confidence, self-worth, have big overwhelming emotions, or maybe they are just looking to have fun, to connect and meet some truly amazing friends.

★ School Holiday Workshops

○ Mini Yoga Retreats Ages 5-12

○ Teen Yoga Retreat Ages 12-16

○ Trapeze Yoga, Creativty & Meditation School Holiday Workshop

★ Yoga Parties

Yoga Parties – Relieving stress from the Parents and the Kids. A healthy, fun alternative to a regular sugar rush party.

All ages, Little Yogis, Tween & Teen Yoga Parties tailored to their request.

★ Guided Meditations for Kids & Teen

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