An intensive school holiday language program for year 10 to 12 students with a focus on oral interaction.

    South Australian students enrolled in a Yrs 10-12 language pathway for Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese or Spanish are invited to register for the Let’s Talk! holiday program.

    ★ Tuesday 11th July and Wednesday 12th July 2023 from 9:30am - 3.30pm

    The program will include engaging and highly interactive language/cultural experiences with the aim of improving students’ proficiency in Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese or Spanish. Given that the focus of all sessions will be on the oral use of the target language, groups will be capped at 12 students per class. Please note that students will be able to register for either 1 or 2 days as the program for each day will be different.

    Each day, three sessions of 75 minutes duration will be offered by highly proficient speakers of Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian Japanese & Spanish.

    Activities will include:

    ○ one-to-one and group conversations
    ○ quizzes
    ○ games and improvisations.

    The canteen will be open on-site each day, for students wishing to buy their lunch.

255 Torrens Rd, West Croydon SA 5008, Australia

14 - 18 years old

0 hour

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255 Torrens Rd, West Croydon SA 5008, Australia

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School of Languages

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The School of Languages is a specialist government school. Since 1986 the school has been teaching languages to a growing number of students from both government and non-government schools.


○ Arabic

○ Auslan

○ Bosnian

○ Chinese

○ Croatian

○ French

○ German

○ Hindi

○ Indonesian

○ Japanese

○ Italian

○ Khmer

○ Korean

○ Nepali

○ Persian

○ Pitjantjatjara

○ Polish

○ Punjabi

○ Serbian

○ Spanish

○ Thai

○ Vietnamese


The School of Languages is a government school which specialises in languages education. Since its establishment in 1986, this unique South Australian school has supported thousands of students to pursue their interest in languages learning and to experience the joy of embracing another culture.

The school was initially founded as a secondary school for students from all three sectors. In 2000 the school introduced its first classes for students from Reception to Year 7. Since then our primary classes have continued to grow in popularity and demand.

Choosing to Learn a Language

Studying another language offers many rewards, including:

○ being able to communicate, interact and negotiate within and across languages and cultures

○ understanding one’s own and others’ languages, thus improving literacy skills, including in English

○ understanding selves and others, and the diverse ways of knowing, being and doing

○ further developing cognitive skills through thinking critically and analytically, solving problems, and making connections in learning

○ becoming more competitive in the global market.

Our Mission

The School of Languages aims to enhance access, choice and continuity in language learning for South Australian learners, through the provision of quality programs in a broad range of languages R-12, that complement and supplement languages programs offered in mainstream schools and ethnic schools.

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