October School Holidays Camp

Adamama • Randwick 2031


    Adamama Camp returns these school holidays with more Springtime nature based fun!

    Camp will go ahead rain, hail or shine.

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27 Munda St, Randwick NSW 2031, Australia

5 - 10 years old

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Where to find us

27 Munda St, Randwick NSW 2031, Australia

About the provider

Adamama is Australia’s first ever Educational Urban Farm, inspired by Jewish values of healing the world and nurturing community. We run our programs out of theRandwick Sustainability Hub, a beautiful space that includes a permaculture veggie garden, food forest, native bush tucker garden and more.

Our diverse crop of programs appeals to a wide variety of people. We run school excursions, working bees, courses, private workshops and community events. We look forward to seeing you at Adamama!


★ School Excursions

Year K-2

We love teaching our younger generation about all things food, sustainability and nature. We have created a selection of hands-on workshops and farm tours where children can connect to nature experientially and learn about sustainability in a fun environment. We offer a range of Natural Arts and Crafts, Food, Pollination or Eco-Dyeing workshops together with tours that explore subjects such as Animals, Native Habitat, Composting and more.

Year 3-9

Our programs foster student awareness and engagement around sustainability and the environment. We have designed a mixture of thought-provoking farm tours and hands-on workshops for you to choose from. You can pick one of each to create a unique Adamama experience. Programs delve into subjects such as Climate Change, Pollination and Farm to Table living. Our workshops are very hands-on and range from Pickling 101, Eco-Dyeing to Propagating at Home and more.

★ School Visits program details

Excursion durations will vary (depending on age and workshop) and can begin any time of the day.

We recommend starting in the morning, so it’s not too hot and students can enjoy morning tea or lunch at the hub.

All Randwick LGA schools receive a $5 discount per student.

Every workshop includes a tour of the farm.

There are different versions of each workshop available for different year groups.

We adapt each workshop to the age of the students and the topics that they are currently learning.

It is very popular for school groups to attend for two workshops, with a lunch break in between.

You are also invited to add an ‘extra’ activity to your session from the list below. These extra activities run for approximately 20-30 minutes.

★ Workshops

Program Extras

Eco-dyeing: Environmental education is combined with creativity as students make their own naturally dyed fabrics out of veggies and spices.

Pollinators: Students learn about the remarkable lives of our humble pollinators and make seed bombs or insect hotels, depending on the year group. Encouraging pollinator into their gardens through flower growth seeded at Adamama. Students discover different kinds of pollinators and their importance to our food and ecosystem in a fun and engaging way.

Natural arts and crafts: Appreciate nature through artistic expression by making clay mobiles (years K-3), bird feeding stations (years 3-7), or bees wax food wraps (years 8-12).

Farm to Table: Students learn about the journey from seed to plate, by delving into food systems, sustainability, and the impact of what we eat. Students will use edible plants to make a delicious recipe for their class from food foraged at the Sustainability Hub.

Pickling 101: Learn about the significance of food preservation and fermentation. They will make their own jar of pickled vegetables to take home.

Growing in small spaces: Students learn the basic principles of growing their own food, learning what to plant when and how to maintain healthy soil. They will make their own planter box to take home and start their own edible gardens.

Propagating at home: Learn how to turn what is in the fridge into a garden. Students will use cuttings from leftover fruit, veggies and herbs and learn how to sprout new plants to care for (and eventually eat!) Students will make lemonade to drink and then use seeds to sprout their own lemon trees.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Bring climate change issues to life by using real examples to teach about global warming, greenhouse gases, water scarcity and food security. Students will learn how to reduce their own waste and how to repurpose “rubbish” to create new and functional products. Year K-6 students will make kites out of reused materials and Year 7-12 students will learn how to make paper.

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