We are pleased to announce the launch of ticket sales for our Winter School Holiday Rugby Clinics at Tantallon Oval in Lane Cove.

    Our clinics aren’t like any others. We split the groups into age and skill levels and incorporate skill based fun activities into each days program. Every players rugby attributes are bound to improve! The day is split into 3 sessions:

    Warm up/fun based rugby activity as a group
    Split into age and ability levels to work on specific detail around catch/pass, tackle and ruck work.
    Put the skills learnt in session 2 into modified games. Prize giveaways, guest appearances from international, state and club level along with bbq lunches and quality coaching is a recipe for a memorable holidays!

    Tickets can be easily purchased direct from this page & there are 2 ticket options for both Individuals & Families.

    Our dates for our 1 or 2 day clinics are:

    Winter Holiday Clinic #1: 4th-5th July
    Winter Holiday Clinic #2: 7th-8th July
    Winter Holiday Clinic #3: 11th - 12th july
    Winter Holiday Clinic #4: 14th - 15th july

    1 Day Clinic = $100
    2 Day Clinic = $190

    Extra Children receive a 15% discount. This discount applies to all children after the first child.

    Where: Tantallon Oval, Tantallon Rd & Epping Road, Lane Cove North NSW 2066, Australia
    Time - 9 to 3pm

Tantallon Oval, Tantallon Rd & Epping Road, Lane Cove North NSW 2066, Australia

5 - 12 years old

0 hour

Where to find us

Tantallon Oval, Tantallon Rd & Epping Road, Lane Cove North NSW 2066, Australia

About the provider

Rugby Appeal was founded with the purpose of providing a positive and memorable experience for all players involved in our programs. Rugby Appeal was formed in 2017 and quickly had success across school, club and representative levels.

Rugby Appeal caters for all age groups and ability levels. Each session is based on where the player is up to in their rugby journey. Whether that be basic skills or finer technical detail Rugby Appeal will deliver!

At Rugby Appeal we believe wholeheartedly on the ‘why’ in each and every movement in Rugby. Each and every player will be educated on why they are performing such processes, whether that be individually or as a team. It is imperative that each player knows the purpose behind each drill/skill. This purpose creates motivation, the more motivated the player is the happier they are! This educating principle is stressed to all players, coaches, and clubs involved with Rugby Appeal.

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