Singapore Maths Workshop (Parramatta): Working with Patterns (Ages 7 and 8; Year/Level 1 and 2)

Seriously Addictive Mathematics • Parramatta 2150


    This workshop is one of a series planned for this term, focused on the review of selected key topics that students have learned or need further help in.

    The workshops will explore each topic in-depth, covering the concepts, techniques, approach and thinking skills that students would require to solve the mathematical questions with confidence and proficiency.

    New students (non-term students) are welcome to enrol and attend.
    Current S.A.M. Students are also welcome to attend as a revision, or as early introduction to the topic/skill if they have not yet come to this topic in their curriculum.
    Cost of workshop are as indicated for booking.

    Topics are different for different week, and will differentiate by students' age or year levels.
    Please check each activity for the topic covered and which age group or level it will be targeted at!

    If you have any questions, please contact Ming (0435 624 407) or Pooja (0450 612 808) to enquire!

Suite 2, Ground Floor, 78/80 Phillip St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia

7 - 8 years old

0 hour

Where to find us

Suite 2, Ground Floor, 78/80 Phillip St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia

About the provider

S.A.M is the only program your child needs to excel in Mathematics.


S.A.M, or Seriously Addictive Mathematics, is an enrichment program that teaches Mathematics to children ages 4-12 using the world-renowned Singaporean pedagogy. Our curriculum is modelled after the Singapore Mathematics program, which is one of the most successful in the world, according to the TIMSS (Trends in International Maths & Science Study) survey, since 1995*.

At S.A.M we conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and professionalism. Our mission is to:

• Provide the environment to make learning fun and interesting

• Demonstrate passion and commitment in everything we do

• Encourage and respect all of our students

• Sincerely want the very best for your child


With over 30,000 pages of carefully crafted thinking worksheets, and combined with motivating and creative classroom experiences, the S.A.M. Approach makes learning fun and interesting. Students learn at their own pace through an individual-based Step-Up process that is thoughtfully prescribed by a qualified SAM Trainer.

It is our aim, through regular feedback and coaching, to help children develop an attitude of self-discovery and learning at a young age, to inculcate the right learning attitude and self-discipline, and empower them with important problem-solving skills that will help them excel not only in Maths, but also in other areas of life!


Your child will be guided through their programme at a pace that suits their learning needs. Key areas are revised and developed in gradual steps, embedding and growing your child’s understanding to ensure confidence and success.

The Seriously Addictive English (S.A.E) programme teaches, consolidates and combines skills through its unique spiral structure. It is designed for students from age 4-12 years old focusing on the following competencies:

• Phonics

• Fine Motor Skill Development

• Handwriting

• Reading Skills & Comprehension

• Spelling & Extending Vocabulary

• Grammar & Punctuation

• Structuring Texts

• Writing Skills

• Planning & Independent Writing

From developing phonic knowledge, motor skills and handwriting to reading, comprehension and writing skills, our programme develops key skills with materials that are ideal for all learners.

Contact us now for a free, no obligation assessment of your child's proficiency, and learn in detail about how the program can help your children become better thinkers and problem solvers!

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