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    In our High School classes we cater for students from Year 7 to HSC level. With a primary focus on drawing and painting across all mediums and techniques.

    Students are encouraged to select their own artwork focus. Students are given expert guidance in skills and advice in art practice from Maree , with over 25years experience in teaching backing our program, supporting their development in art.

14/288 New Line Rd, Dural NSW 2158, Australia

12 - 19 years old

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14/288 New Line Rd, Dural NSW 2158, Australia

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Dural Art Studio & Supplies

4.1 out of 5 (View 12 ratings)

Maree Sproats is a qualified Art Teacher with a Bachelor of Education Degree (Art) graduating from Alexander Mackie CAE majoring in education, child and adolescent development and psychology, art history and visual studies, painting, drawing and textile art, with sculpture, photography, print making , ceramics and media as minor subjects.

Maree took her passion for art and teaching to develop her own studio at Dural in 1995.

Dural Art Studio has a stellar reputation in the Hills district for the supply of quality art products and the creative and innovative art classes and workshops for children and adults.

School holiday workshops are held every holidays in drawing, marker art,ink and watercolour, fabric painting, canvas painting, clay and ceramics. New workshops are always added to create variety in the learning experience.

Term classes for school children on Tuesdays and Thursdays with particular attention to high school through to HSC Drawing and other mediums on Wednesday afternoons.

Adult classes are conducted on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, developing individual needs in painting and drawing mediums. Specialist workshops are also available.

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