Join us this School Holidays for our Tumbling Workshop!

    Learn Front & Side Aerials and Front & Back Handspring.

    Wednesday, 28th September

    1:30PM - 3:30PM

    COST: $40 per ticket

    Contact us today for more information.

5a/106 Old Pittwater Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100, Australia

4 - 19 years old

0 hour

Where to find us

5a/106 Old Pittwater Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100, Australia

About the provider

AAGI is a new, dynamic club, where we pride ourselves on our unique style and quality of teaching and developing children’s physical activities, health, coordination, strength, flexibility, motor skills, confidence, self-esteem and much more.

We are also offering a new, spectacular sport called Acrobatics Gymnastics to the kids and adults on the Northern Beaches. We hope to revolutionise the Australian Acrobatics standards with our highly qualified and experienced coaches.

AAGI was established in 2010 by Agnes (Agi) Sajgal an ex elite acrobat. Agi is hoping to share her experiences and knowledge with not only the kids in Gladesville where she has been the head coach for the last 10 years, but also with the children of the Northern Beaches.


★ Kinder Gymnastics

Kindygym activities for children under the age of five years comes under the banner of Gymnastics for All. Our club’s program follows the Kindergym Australia Guiding Principles, which has an underlying philosophy of learning through play. Parents are encouraged to participate with their children as they explore and learn through movement based activities.

★ Recreation Classes

Recreation is a sport for everyBODY, regardless of age, gender or ability. It is the perfect activity to prepare children for long-term participation in sport and develops vital life skills. Many clubs also run Gym for All classes designed especially for adults, which can be the perfect way to get fit and strengthen your body with fun gymnastic skills.

★ Pre-Level

Pre-Level program is designed for girls who have been in the Recreation program and have been seen as good achievers.

More emphasis is placed on skill development and perfecting gymnastics elements. This class is only a step away from competitive Level 1-3 artistic gymnastics.

★ Development Squad

Development squad is for those who are achieving excellence in the sport, for exceptionally talented students that demonstrate a variety of necessary abilities including flexibility, strength and also display the characteristics of determination and strong work ethics.

This class will aim for children to make it in high levels acrobatics by learning high level skills in early ages.

Entry to this program is by invitation only for children aged 5 and over.

★ Acrobatic Dance

AcroDance is a class for girls 8-14 years of age to learn tricks and tumbling skills. The students use the floor and the trampoline during the class. We work on strength, flexibility, walkovers, roundoff, handsprings, ariels, back flicks and a lot more.

★ Junior Acrobatics Gymnastics

Are you looking for a dynamic and spirited sport that builds confidence and camaraderie amongst participants?

Acrobatics Gymnastics is the perfect sport to teach your child balance and co-ordination as well as sharing in the benefits of working within a team environment.

★ Senior Acrobatics

Acrobatics Gymnastics is a beautiful, dynamic and spectacular sport for both men and women.

The sport develops courage, strength, stamina, co-ordination, flexibility, jumping abilities, adroitness etc. Sports acrobatics unites its power and poise, with grace and beauty to create an intriguing sport. Acrobats in groups of two, three and four perform routines with the heads, hands and feet of their partners.

Although Acrobatics Gymnastics is the official name of the sport, it is often referred to as acrobatics, acro sports or simply sports acro.

★ WAG – Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic gymnastics is a dynamic sport where gymnasts complete short routines on uneven bars, beam, floor and vault. This beautiful sport helps to develop balance, coordination, flexibility and strength it also develops confidence. Our competitive WAG program is built from our foundation groups, – junior recreational classes, mini development, PreLevels – by inviting children to join the program.


The parties are full of fun and challenging activities, games, music, relays and much more

★ Qualified and experienced coaches

★ Parties are self catered

★ Party invitation templates are available (see below at the bottom of the page)

★ No previous gymnastics experience necessary

Our parties run for 2 hours, with one and a half hours of activities and half an hour food. Price includes 15 minutes extra time to set up prior the party and 15 minutes clean up time after party.

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