What if Unicorns ruled the world?
    What if Harry Potter turned evil?
    What if you and your grandmother swapped bodies for a day?

    In this 2-day holiday workshop, students will write and perform short scenes addressing their most fascinating What If. They will brainstorm fantastical worlds, imagine new realities, and rewrite history to see just what the world would look like if they got to design it!

    Over the course of the two days, they will brainstorm, draft, write, perform and direct scenes and using simple props, costume and music, they will share these new pieces of writing with their peers. Parents and friends are invited to attend the performances.



    In this 2-day holiday workshop, students will learn how to act in front of a camera. They will be given a script and be required to memorise lines and rehearse with a scene partner. On the second day, they will film these scenes in front of a camera and then watch back over them with their classmates.

    Each student will take home a recording of their scenes.



8 Victoria Rd, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia

8 - 11 years old

0 hour



Accepts creative kids vouchers

Where to find us

8 Victoria Rd, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia

About the provider

Parramatta Actors Centre is an Award-Winning acting school in the heart of Western Sydney founded by AWGIE and AACTA-award nominated writer, actor and director Nisrine Amine.

We create and curate acting classes for Kids and Teens in Grades K-12 who are wanting to get out of their shells or simply continue to express themselves.

PAC classes are grouped into the following categories to cater to specific developmental stages:

★ Young Kids: Grades K-1

★ Kids: Grades 2-3

★ Pre-Teens: Grades 4-6

★ Teens: Grades 7-9

★ Senior Teens: Grades 10-12

Within each PAC class, a student may undertake and develop the following activities and skills:

★ Warm-up games

★ Roleplay

★ Improv exercises

★ Scene study

★ Character development

★ Vocal techniques

★ Movement and physical expression

★ Script analysis

★ Storytelling

★ Performance opportunities

★ Social interaction

★ Creativity and fun

★ Confidence building

★ Feedback and reflection

What makes Parramatta Actors Centre different from many other acting schools in Western Sydney is that not only are all of our teachers qualified and hold current Working with Children Checks, but they are working actors, writers and artists, as well as school teachers. This assures that students receive support from highly knowledgeable and supportive adults.

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