Boost your Child's Confidence and Spirit with our FUN Martial Art Classes!

    🔥Special Introductory Offer: Enjoy 2 weeks of confidence-boosting classes PLUS get a FREE t-shirt for only $29! (save $75)🔥

    Now Enrolling Kids 7 to 12 & 13 to 16 years old – Limited Places

    In our classes, your child will:

    ✅ develop laser-sharp focus and unshakeable discipline
    ✅ experience a massive boost in self-esteem and confidence
    ✅ learn invaluable self-defense techniques
    ✅ improve coordination and balance
    ✅ cultivate teamwork and enrich their social skills
    ✅ embrace a healthy, active lifestyle as a habit
    ✅ thrive in a safe, positive environment with positive role models
    ✅ celebrate a sense of accomplishment and pride
    ✅ learn to set goals, work hard towards them and feel awesome when they achieve
    ✅ all of this in a class that is super fun!

    📣Limited Spaces available!📣

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23 Blackwood St, Mitchelton QLD 4053, Australia

7 - 19 years old

0 hour

Trial classes available

2 week(s) trials are available. Simply give us your details and we will be in touch to organise a time to get your kids started.

Trial classes available

Monday - 4.00 pm to 7.10 pm

Tuesday - 4.00 pm to 7.10 pm

Wednesday - 4.00 pm to 8.30 pm

Thursday - 4.00 pm to 8.30 pm

Where to find us

23 Blackwood St, Mitchelton QLD 4053, Australia

About the provider

Our martial arts are for everyone, especially you, and can improve your life in ways you never thought possible. We pride ourselves on the way we give ordinary and everyday people access and opportunity to martial arts that some consider to be only for young and athletic people.

We strive to give EVERYONE the amazing benefits of the martial arts we offer. If you want to feel better about yourself – our classes will grow your SELF CONFIDENCE!


⭐ Muay Thai / Kickboxing for Kids and Teens

Our kids and teens Muay Thai/Kickboxing class is a fun and exciting class for juniors who will benefit in many ways on top of learning this amazing martial art.

○ Kids Muay Thai ages 7 to 11 years

○ Teen Muay Thai ages 12 to 15 years

⭐ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Kids and Teens

Our kids and teens Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a totally hands on (that children love) fun and exciting class for juniors who will benefit in many ways.

○ Kids BJJ ages 7 to 11 years

○ Teen BJJ ages 12 to 15 years

○ Teen/Adults BJJ (12+Years )

⭐ Leadership Programs

We are delighted to be able to offer to our juniors a fantastic series of 3 levels of leadership and assistant instructor programs. We strive to help our kids and teens develop not only leadership skills but also the powerful ability to actively listen and communicate to other people and the amazing confidence that comes from these skills. Our leadership programs can boost all the others benefits that training martial arts will give them and take them to another level.


Our Mission

To help people of all ages, physical abilities and fitness levels to positively change their lives; physically, mentally and spiritually by promoting a healthy lifestyle through quality martial arts training.

To build Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Discipline and Focus in all of our students. To help develop positive character traits in our students; Respect and Courtesy, Loyalty and Honesty, Courage and Compassion, Honour and Integrity, Leadership and Determination through quality martial arts.

To offer quality martial arts for everyone – “people rather than athletes”

To provide a safe, supportive and happy place for all of our students, members and family members.

To set a high standard for all our students but to provide the methods, systems and support to help them achieve things they never thought they could and to realise that they are capable of much, much more.

Our Values

We believe that we are “Brothers and Sisters by Choice, Rather than Perhaps by Chance”

We all choose who we allow to train at our club – membership is not automatic. If we have a mat full of people that we not only trust but care about as well then we can train harder because we can train safer and if we can train harder then we grow more and more.

There are only 3 situations where a student (or instructor) may use the skills we teach at our club.

1. On the mats in our club with a partner that has agreed to train with them.

2. In a competition that our head instructor recommends and sanctions.

3. In actual defence of themselves or others (not just fighting). Members found to be fighting will be suspended and possibly expelled.

We don’t teach wolves to be better wolves, we teach the sheep to become sheep dogs. We train to become warrior protectors and to make our community and society better in the process.


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