Release your child's inner creative side this school holiday.

    Creative Art School is holding our DRAW, CREATE & POUR WORKSHOP.

    Join us for all 3 sessions for $128 or pick and choose 1 or 2.

    We hope to see you during the Autumn School break!

Level 1/353 Chapel Rd, Bankstown NSW 2200, Australia

6 - 16 years old

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Accepts creative kids vouchers

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Level 1/353 Chapel Rd, Bankstown NSW 2200, Australia

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Creative Art School

4.3 out of 5 (View 11 reviews)

Creative Art School is the leading art school in Bankstown for over 30 years. Headed and supervised by Mona – a professional visual artist with a BA Degree in Fine Arts, specialising in sculpture.

Mona, the Principal and head Teacher of Creative Art School, is a professional visual artist with a BA Degree in Fine Arts, specialising in sculpture.

She has more than 30 years experience as a practicing artist, Teacher, Sculptor and Painter. For over 26 years she teaches arts to students in Sydney private schools, Catholic schools and art associations.


We run Painting, Drawing and Sculpting classes for juniors up to adults with a range of backgrounds, skills and interests.

Students are able to explore Sculpture, Ceramics, Silk Screen Printing, Painting on Silk and more.

Our Art Gallery displays paintings/sculptures by professional artists and a selection of our best junior and adult students work. Our students benefit from this because they learn by studying other artists’ work and it is open to the general public.


★ Art Classes For Juniors

Our professional staff educate students to reach their highest level of artistic achievement in a safe environment. Students find that with support and guided practice comes confidence. This allows them to create art of which they can be proud.

★ Workshops

We help our students of all ages to develop various artistic skills. We create an environment that encourages learning and practice, with the emphasis on art technique. Creative Art School's special projects and workshops are run throughout the year for specific skills.


○ Creative Art School

○ Local Art School

○ Drawing School

○ Painting School

○ HSC Body of Work

○ Art Project Mentoring

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4.3 out of 5 from 11 reviews on


Top 5 reviews

Just a Mummy on


a year ago

Creative art school is brilliant. Mona & Sam are very creative and thoughtful teachers who put a lot of effort into each student. The lessons that are taught at creative art school are engaging, creative, and teach you the art skills you need in life. Mona and Sam are very patient with all everyone in the classroom, and are always encouraging the students to try to do their best. I would highly recommend creative art school for anyone interested in learning art.

Hamdy Youssef on


a year ago

My children have attended creative art school now for roughly 5years, I highly recommend this art school, my children love attending art lessons and look forward to the art exhibition every year. Mona is a great teacher and role model for my children , as she has taught them so much more then just art.

Sam is also a great teacher, my son works well with him and loves learning how to draw and paint.

Irene Valmas on


6 years ago

Great art school! My daughter absolutely loves attending creative art school. I’m amazed at the art work she brings home each week. Mona and sam are very kind, caring and wonderful art teachers.

Sarwat Nasir Ali on


3 years ago

Hi ( Teacher at Bankstown)

My daughter Sarah Ali mentioned that during 08/03/2021class you insulted her in front of the whole class. According to her that you said to her " Oh you come here for only eating and drinking and I know from the very first day that you joined this class only to utilize your creative kids voucher.!" This behavior made my daughter very sick and sad. Because she felt humiliated and bullied in front of all the other students. This is unacceptable and non professional. I was also told by somebody that your behavior is also very un friendly with her in previous classes, which she ignored because in our culture we always teach our children to respect their teachers. But now I can not tolerate this type of comments and behavior against my daughter.

You are not teaching them for got your fees with voucher which is $200 and also i paid you $ 180 for member ship fees and material for my both daughters. You dont have the right to treat my daughter like this. I will complain against you to the relevant authorities. If there was any issues that you had you could have asked to speak to me as I am the mother and they are children and you have a duty of care when they are in your care. I look forward to a response from you on these issues that I have listed.

Kind Regards

Sarwat Ali

Jessica Tran on


9 years ago

As a past student at the Creative Art School & Gallery, I would happily and highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in further developing their artistic skills or use it this as hobby. The teaching quality is great and the atmosphere is wonderful!

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