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    Tournament Format:
    This tournament is a ‘Swiss’ competition (approximately 7 rounds). This means that all pairs of players play 7 games and no-one is ‘knocked out’ of the tournament.
    The time limit is 10 minutes per player per game.

    Transfer Chess is played on two boards by four players, in teams of two. The normal rules of chess apply, except that pieces that have been captured are passed on to the team-mate on the other board, who then has the option of placing one piece on their board instead of making a move.

    One piece in reserve can be placed on any empty square instead of making a move, including squares which deliver check or checkmate. Pawns cannot be dropped on the first or eighth rank, and do not promote (they stay as pawns if they reach the end of the board). Pieces in reserve must be visible at all times. Partners may talk to each other during the game, including piece requests and move suggestions.

    The game ends on both boards when one player makes a checkmate, where there is no escape for the king, including placing a reserve piece to block a distant check. A player may wait for a reserve piece from the other board if needed to block such a distant check. Only one checkmate is needed to win. When there is a checkmate, the team that made the checkmate wins, and both boards stop playing.

    Clock move applies in Transfer Chess, not touch move. This means that touch move does not apply - the move is only completed when a player presses their clock. The same hand that moves the piece must also press the clock, as in normal chess.

    Sydney Academy of Chess
    Suite 2, Level 2, 1-17 Elsie St, Burwood

    $40 per player ($50 if paid after 5pm the day before tournament)

    1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

    Trophies will be given for 1st Place, 2nd Place & 3rd Place.
    Other prizes for Age & Rating.
    All participants receive an electronic certificate of participation.

    To enrol please pay online with your credit card or debit card at
    enter the code SSNQ3G6Y2O and fill in the electronic form, with your child’s details.

    If you already have found a partner, please write their name in the "Notes" section when entering the tournament.
    Otherwise, a partner will be found for you on the day.

    See more details -

level 2 suite 2/1-17 Elsie St, Burwood NSW 2134, Australia

4 - 18 years old

0 hour

Where to find us

level 2 suite 2/1-17 Elsie St, Burwood NSW 2134, Australia

About the provider

Sydney Academy of Chess is a team of people who have one passion in common: teaching chess to others. We’ve been doing it in New South Wales for 22 years.

The director of the Sydney Academy of Chess is Fide Master Brett Tindall. Brett has been coaching chess for over 26 years and has coached at all major events including Australian Junior Championships and World Junior events.

Brett is not only an experienced coach but also a very experienced player and has competed at both national and international level.

He has won many titles such as NSW junior champion, City of Sydney Junior and Senior Champion; he has also won several age titles at Australian Junior events.

Trained coaches

All of Sydney Academy’s coaches are highly proficient players themselves. Coaches are taught effective teaching methods as well as ways of managing groups of children of all ages. Our chess coaches meet regularly to discuss ways in which our teaching can improve.

Continual Improvement

Sydney Academy of Chess is continually seeking ways of improving its service to schools and the public. We encourage our chess coaches to improve their own playing ability. We also look to teaching methods overseas. Currently three of our coaches hold the titles of Fide trainers.

Mission Statement

Sydney Academy of Chess is an organisation with the purpose of providing a quality chess coaching service to schools and individuals. We ultimately aim to bring an appreciation of chess into the minds of all Australians

Sydney Academy of Chess is the biggest chess-coaching firm in NSW, coaching thousands of school children around Sydney every week. Our students range from absolute beginners to NSW and Australian Junior title winners as well as Australian representatives at many World Junior events. Our base is Sydney Chess Centre: Level 1, 30a George street, Burwood.

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