Join us in April from the 22nd to the 24th for a week of friendship, fun and feel-good learning experiences. Our program is open for children aged 4-12 meaning we supply a range of activities each day to help exercise the brain and the body in a variety of ways!

    Our program runs from 9am to 3pm each day however, before and after camp care is offered from 8am to 6pm at no extra cost.

    All you need to supply is a packed morning tea and lunch (and afternoon tea if staying past 3pm) and we supply everything else!

    Campers that attend on the Wednesday will be apart of our end of camp showcase!

    What is Camp Creative?

    Holiday Camp Creative offers an amazing range of activities for all of our students giving them the opportunity to learn new skills and find their passion. Divided into two groups, students aged 4-7yrs and 8-12yrs rotate through every activity each day to ensure no one misses out, no matter what days they come!

    Best of all, campers that attend on the Thursday and Friday are able to perform in our Creative Showcase to highlight their talents!

3 Rocket St, South Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia

4 - 12 years old

6 hours

Where to find us

3 Rocket St, South Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia

About the provider

In a caring and supportive environment, students are encouraged to strive to achieve their personal goals. Through excellence in technical direction all students, from beginners to seniors, are nurtured within their own capabilities whilst being inspired to move forward.

Bathurst Academy of Dance welcomes and caters for all ages and abilities as we move forwards into our 26th year!


Here at BAD we offer a wide variety of dance genres and have classes to suit all levels. From babies to adults, beginners to advanced, we've got you covered.

✨ Mini Mover Classes

✨ Classical Ballet

✨ Jazz

✨ Acrobatics

✨ Hip Hop

✨ Modern

✨ Contemporary

✨ Tap

✨ Eisteddfod Classes

✨ Solo Lessons

✨ Certificates in Dance


Becoming part of the family

Each and every student can expect to be welcomed, celebrated and become part of the Bathurst Academy of Dance family. Watch your child thrive in confidence and blossom in creativity as they are immersed in a beautifully curated studio culture. A home away from home with besties who share the same passion and caring, nurturing staff who support everyone every step of the way.

Your Bathurst Academy of Dance story

Does your little one spend their days twirling around the house? Is your child itching to try something new? Does your teen crave connection and friendships? Or do you want to do something just for you? No matter your background or the goal you have in mind, our mission remains the same; to celebrate every exceptional difference in every single student.

The magic begings before you even enter the door. A beautiful historic building with it's own exceptional quirks and charm is about to become your new home. Greeted by friendly staff your nerves will calm and a wonderful sense of beloning will begin to unfold. Armed with all your need-to-know information from comprehensive welcome emails, you will already feel like part of a team, as though you've been dancing with us all along. Spend a moment taking it all in; the laughter, excited chatter, distance music and comradery.

Stepping into the classroom you will find yourself surrounded by peers who share in your success, big and small. Teachers support you every step of the way, carefully curating lessons to provide engaging learning and celebrating your every achievement.

You will find yourself growing in much more than dance ability. Confidence will blossom, friendships bloom and your sense of home will grow stronger. You will be inspired, encouraged and motivated to grow more in yourself than you ever imagined possible. Just imagine all that you are capable of when celebrated in an inclusive and uplifting environment.

Whether this is the beginning of your dance journey, a new chapter or the sequel to past experiences, one thing is certain - you will grow more than ever before when you feel at home here with your Bathurst Academy of Dance family.

Celebrating the exceptional in everyone since 1998

Our Philosophy

At Bathurst Academy of Dance we celebrate the exceptional in everyone. We ensure all students thrive in our caring and supportive environment. Through leading by example, we provide innovative oppotunities and experiences for students of all ages and abilities.

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