Clap, Sing, and Code Your Own Talking Parrot – All Using the new Micro: Bit v2

Australian Academy of Robotics And STEM Education • Carlingford 2118


    Unlock the world of microcontrollers and coding in an immersive and interactive holiday program – “Clap, Sing, and Code Your Own Talking Parrot!” Join us for an exciting hands-on journey where students will delve into the powerful capabilities of the new Micro: Bit v2 and learn the fundamentals of programming in a fun and creative way.

    Program Highlights:

    Mighty Micro: Bit Exploration: Step into the realm of microcontrollers as we introduce you to the cutting-edge Micro: Bit v2 hardware. Discover its programmable LEDs, sensors, microphone, speakers, and ports – all packed into a tiny yet powerful device.
    Hands-On Coding: Learn the foundations of coding and unleash your creativity as you dive into programming the Micro: Bit.
    Sensor Interactions: Experiment with the Micro: Bit’s sensors and discover how to integrate them into your coding projects. Develop an understanding of how to use the microphone, touch sensors, and other input devices to create responsive and interactive programs.
    Sound and Light Effects: Dive into the world of sound and light manipulation as you learn to control the Micro: Bit’s speakers and programmable LEDs. Create mesmerizing light shows, play tunes, and add captivating sound effects to your Talking Parrot project.
    Projects: Put the learning into practice with hands-on projects provided to students to expand their learning and creativity.
    Make Your Own Step-Counter: Code your own step counter using Micro: Bit. Who needs a FitBit!
    Game Development: Develop a basic but addictive game using the Micro: Bit
    Showcase Your Creation: Conclude the program with a grand showcase where you’ll be provided a code to convert the Micro: Bit into a talking parrot!

    Our experienced instructors will guide you through this exciting program, providing step-by-step guidance and fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. No prior coding experience is necessary – this program is suitable for beginners and those looking to expand their coding skills.

    If your child loves to tinker, then it can’t get any more hands-on! No prior experience is necessary. If you attended our previous holiday program and took home the Micro: Bit, then you can use the same Micro: Bit. Micro: Bit is an electronic device and can pose a risk if not handled correctly. Enrolment is subject to accepting the risks and safe handling instructions in the attached safety guide.

    When/Where/How Much?

    13th July (Thursday) @ Carlingford Public School

    From 9.30 AM to 4 PM (Drop off from 8.30AM and Pick till 5PM available)

    Cost: $99.99 or FREE with the use of a valid $100 Creative Kids voucher

    Option to purchase and take home the Micro: Bit kit for $15 at the end of the workshop

    Recommended for: Students in Year 2+

Carlingford Public School, 5 Rickard St, Carlingford NSW 2118, Australia

7 - 15 years old

0 hour



Accepts creative kids vouchers

Where to find us

Carlingford Public School, 5 Rickard St, Carlingford NSW 2118, Australia

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Leading Provider of Coding, Robotics And STEM programs for Primary and High School Students.

STEM as they call it…Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths has been around for a long time, then why all the fuss? Well, STEM has become a buzz word in education globally but in reality, the spirit of STEM is to apply all the learnings from these subjects to solve a problem or a task. The next generation of engineers will not be a computer or mechanical engineers rather we believe that our next generation will be humanitarian engineers who will work to solve societal and humanitarian problems using learnings from all different disciplines. We, therefore love STEM and are here to inspire and engage our kids in this wonderful and exciting way of acquiring and using knowledge.

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