Drop your kids off at our super-creative kids art programs! Our workshops are a wonderful antidote to too much screen-time and nurture your child’s creativity. Perfect for arty siblings ages 5-12 . Children go outside for a break at Bieler Park (Gilderthorpe avenue). Please apply sunscreen and supply a HAT.

    (9am start, pick up from 3:30-4pm)

    Learn how to hand-build a crazy-haired clay head sculpture using airdry paperclay. Decorate your clay head with all sorts of materials to create wild hairdo of your choosing - craft materials, recycled materials & natural materials. In the afternoon we will be creating carzy haired self portraits using mixed media.

    Taught by TBC

    Image for inspo only - actual artwork will vary (NOTE: clay will not be fired)

48B Carrington Rd, Randwick NSW 2031, Australia

5 - 12 years old

7 hours

Where to find us

48B Carrington Rd, Randwick NSW 2031, Australia

About the provider

Little Ginger Studio is a Children's Art Studio offering art classes for all ages, family workshops, creative holiday care and awesome birthday parties.

We run ART LAB programs - which are STEAM focused (STEM with Art included).

Danielle created this space 4 years ago to nurture kids' creativity and build a community of makers & crafters. She is mum to our feisty studio name-sake, a qualified Primary teacher and experienced Art Educator.

We believe that "Art makes Children Powerful" and love to provide kids with stimulating & exciting materials (often recycled) and seeing what they come up with.

Come along and see what we're making!


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