Sessions are run for 45min. They consist of an age appropriate Dynamic warm up, a Skills or strength session as well as a short fun work out and an active game!

1/28 Priestley St, Mittagong NSW 2575, Australia

5 - 11 years old

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1/28 Priestley St, Mittagong NSW 2575, Australia

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CrossFit Southern Highlands

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Total physical transformation is possible with Cross Fit Southern Highlands. High intensity varied training forged with cross functional weight lifting and gymnastics builds strength and get results.


Programs to fit all ages and skill levels. From beginners to masters, cross functional fitness is for everybody. Classes for youths and the mature.

Our Kids Classes Run with the School Term.

Currently Sessions are Fridays at 3:30

Sessions are run for 45min. They consist of an age appropriate Dynamic warm up, a Skills or strength session as well as a short fun work out and an active game!


CrossFit Southern Highlands is your very own licensed affiliate of CrossFit Inc. Being a licensed affiliate means that we are formally committed to achieving excellence in fitness training using the CrossFit method. We have created not only an environment that provides you with world class equipment, but a program that delivers to clients comprehensive health and fitness. Our focus is core strength and conditioning programs that are constantly varied and high intensity that are performed through functional movement to create a stimulus like no other.

We were created to run and jump, to lift and stretch. We were designed to communicate between body and mind to know at all times how to perform and to have a kinaesthetic awareness of where your body is without looking into a vanity mirror. It is for this reason we make ‘fitness our sport’.

We take something that is inherently challenging and make it a game. In this sport, every finishing line is just another starting line in disguise. We learn that ‘resilience is just brilliance spelled differently’.

Constant physical improvement is what we live for. We are normal people who like to squat, press, push, pull, jump and lift. We choose to challenge ourselves every day. We are more than just a training program, we are a community. A community of people who have decided that easy will no longer suffice. We are a group of individuals with a common bond and the desire to improve.

Our goal is fitness through strength and work capacity. Strong is beautiful, tough is desirable and speed is inspirational. There are no shortcuts. It will hurt, it will take time, it will require dedication and sacrifice but we promise you when you reach your goal, it WILL be WORTH IT.

We suffer together, we succeed together. We help each other push past the pain and achieve things we never thought possible that will leave you wanting more. As CrossFitters, every workout we do leads us in a better direction, a stronger one. A direction that is filled with empowerment and proof that we can conquer anything. We pick up a barbell trying to PR our back squat, and our entire day is changed from that single moment. That moment of feeling the weight on our backs, having the confidence to break below parallel, and KNOWING we will succeed.


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