Activities are held every school holidays throughout the year. Our aim is to provide a safe and caring environment with a variety of structured and free choice recreational activities within a fun-filled program.

    VacFun is available for children of primary school age from 5-12years.


    ⭐ Monday 18th Dec - Floor is Lava

    Don’t touch the ground! The Floor is Lava will allow participants to make and design courses/terrain and try to navigate them without falling onto the ground. Modified from the TV show, this will give kids oodles of fun while working with others to create challenging courses.

    ⭐ Tuesday 19th Dec - Gymnastics

    A fan favourite for the kids! Our gymnastics coaching team lead a beginner class focusing on all the foundational exercises of gymnastics while helping more experienced children develop their skills.

    ⭐ Wednesday 20th Dec - Learn To Skate

    From learning the basics through to more challenging activities, the Skate Team will have you skating like a pro. Learn how to stop/start, turn and glide through this workshop with your highly trained Skate Assistants. Bring your own wheels or use ours. Blades and 4-wheel skates are available. Suitable for all experience levels. Great for children looking to learn to skate for the first time or improve their abilities.

    ⭐ Thursday 21st Dec - Parkour

    Parkour is the practice of traversing obstacles in a man-made or natural environment through the use of running, vaulting, jumping, climbing, rolling, and other movements in order to travel from one point to another in the quickest and most efficient way possible without the use of equipment. Led by Ricky and his team, they help create a dynamic and inclusive environment where the kids can learn a few new skills while having a blast.

    ⭐ Friday 22nd Dec - Sound in Motion

    Hosted by our VacFun team, this workshop will have the participants making musical anklets, tambourines and paper roll shakers. The first part of the workshop will focus on making instruments to then be used in the second half, where they will be used in fun musical games such as Statues, Musical Blocks (the gym hall version of musical chairs) and a dance-off or two.

    A wonderful opportunity to get creative and noisy!

    WORKSHOP BOOKINGS: $20 (10:30AM - 12:00PM)

    These activities are available every weekday of the school holidays. All supervised by experienced staff members who are there to help your child have a great time and stay safe at VACFUN.

1 Northcote Rd, Eden Hills SA 5050, Australia

5 - 12 years old

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1 Northcote Rd, Eden Hills SA 5050, Australia

About the provider

Keeping the Community Active

Welcome to Blackwood Recreation Centre. Located in the heart of Eden Hills, behind Blackwood High School, our state of the art courts are home to a wide range of fun activities for the community.


Catering for all ages, all skill levels.

○ Basketball

○ Inline Hockey

○ Parkour

○ Roller Skating

Come in and join Blackwood Recreation Centre’s indoor sports centre for a range of competitions/sessions! We have competitions to suit all skill levels and age groups. Our sports programs and recreational activities are a great chance to keep fit and be part of a team.

Our Centre has 2 full size multipurpose courts that can be utilised as a whole or in part for a wide range of sporting activities. Blackwood Recreation Centre also hosts state and national competitions for the likes of indoor & Inline Hockey, Trampolining and Volleyball.


Something for Everyone.

○ Gymnastics

○ Trampoline

○ Kinder Gym (for ages 5 and under)

○ Gym Fun (for ages 5-8)

○ Gym Skills (for ages 9-12)

At Blackwood Recreation Centre, we offer a range of exceptional Gymnastics and Gym Sports programs for children of all ages and abilities. Our Gym Sports participants learn a range of skills while keeping healthy and active.

Our Gym coaches are highly experienced and are passionate about teaching gym sports in a safe and positive environment.


Facilities to keep you active.

The Blackwood Recreation Centre is an important regional sport and recreation facility for metropolitan Adelaide with many people visiting the centre each week. We provide a number of specialised facilities for Gymnastics and Trampolining, as well as team sports and fitness. Additionally, the centre caters for the indoor sport and recreation needs of the Blackwood High School, through a joint use agreement. The school has access to one of the courts during school hours.

The centre offers in excess of 20 regular activities including the full range of court sports, fitness, health and well-being classes.

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