A relaxed community based drawing club for kids, tweens and teens to connect, explore new ideas, develop existing styles and drawing interests, collaborate, and learn drawing tips and techniques from each other.

    - For ages 5-17 (Prep - Grade 12)
    - 10 week program (or casual options)
    - Tuesdays 5-6:30pm
    - Hosted @ the Rosé Soirée Paint & Sip Studio (90 Oxford Street, Bulimba, 4171)

    $330 for the 10 Week Term (pro-rata when joining partway through a term with 4 or more weeks remaining of term)
    $120 for a 3 Session Pass (sessions must be used within the term)
    $45 for a single trial session

    Booking via our website:

    ✨ Small groups
    ⏳ 90 minute sessions
    🖌️ Exploration of art concepts & fundamentals
    📚 Shared learning
    💎 Development of self & skill
    🫱🏾‍🫲🏻 Connection with like minded peers
    💫 Open-ended + kids-teaching-kids methodologies
    ✏️ All materials + tools included
    📔 Art journal (Available for full term students only)
    🚗 Drop and go
    🏡 Local studio in Bulimba (4171)
    🌟 Access to curated online independent learning studio (Padlet)
    🎓 Qualified experienced educator (BEd (Griff), GCertAutismSt (Griff), Dip.HICAT (MBEd) - QCT registered, Positive Blue Card Exemption

    Term 2
    OVERVIEW: Each week of Drawing Club is designed to nurture young artistic minds. Through a thoughtfully curated term-long curriculum, artists will explore various themes, techniques, and mediums, fostering imagination and providing time to practise drawing skills. We’ll explore imagination, visual communication and story telling, and learning about the elements and principles of art while experimenting with different styles and materials. Every session is a vibrant exploration of self-expression and artistic discovery. Week by week, artists build confidence and develop a deeper appreciation for their art.

    RATIONALE: The activities in our drawing club are not just about creating pretty pictures; they serve as a foundation for vital skills that are valuable now and in the future. Drawing enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and attention to detail, which contribute to long term successes of developing kids. Nurturing creativity and imagination through art allows children to think outside the box, problem-solve creatively, and express themselves confidently. These skills are essential in today's rapidly changing world, preparing children to adapt, innovate, and communicate effectively in various personal and professional endeavours as they grow.

    Week 1: Cuteness Overload 1 (Animals)
    Week 2: Cuteness Overload 2 (Food)
    Week 3: Heads & Faces
    Week 4: Facial Expressions
    Week 5: Abstract Still Life
    Week 6: Circular Geometrics
    Week 7: Adding Colour
    Week 8: Creating a Comic/Zine (Begin)
    Week 9: Creating a Comic/Zine (Complete)
    Week 10: Creating a Comic/Zine (Share)

Oxford St, Bulimba QLD 4171, Australia

5 - 17 years old

1.5 hours

Where to find us

Oxford St, Bulimba QLD 4171, Australia

About the provider

Artful pathways to joy, enrichment, growth, discovery and well-being for kids and youth (ages 0-17) and adults.

Dabble Art is a thriving grassroots art studio located in the vibrant Bulimba, Tugulawa 4171 community. We specialise in Visual Art immersion and tuition for budding young artists aged 7-17 (Grade 1-12) and Holistic Integrative Creative Arts Therapies (HICAT) for personal growth and well-being for all ages.

Our boutique studio also offers a range of arts-based social-emotional well-being programs, school holiday workshops and celebration events for children and youth aged 5 - 17 (Prep to Grade 12), early childhood community events throughout the year (pre-school ages) and pop-up arts-based social events and workshops for all ages. Join our email list and follow our social media pages to keep up to date with the latest offerings.

Being a supportive part of a child's 'village' is a privilege of significance and we are committed to delivering inspired and engaging artful offerings in a safe nurturing environment where each artist receives individualised attention and ample time to flourish.

Originally established in 2012, Dabble Art is owned and run by local artist and highly experienced teacher, Renée Tongia-Royle (aka Mrs Royle).


⭐ School Term Programs

⭐ School Holiday Workshops

⭐ Art Immersion for Budding Young Artists (Ages 7+)

⭐ Drawing Club (Age5+)

⭐ Group art-based well-being programs - school terms (Ages 5+)

⭐ Community events & playgroup visits (Ages 0 - 5)

⭐ Community Mother's Group visits

⭐ Art sessions for home schoolers (by negotiation)

⭐ 1:1 Private Expressive Arts Counselling (HICATS)

⭐ Incursions or Excursions (email expression of interest)

⭐ Kids events/celebrations (by negotiation)

⭐ Team Building & Professional Development workshop for adults


⭐ Qualified and highly experienced QCT registered teacher with a current Positive Blue Card Exemption

⭐ Mrs Royle (BEd (Griff), GCertAutismSt (Griff), Dip.HICAT (MBEd)

⭐ TAB + Studio Thinking + Open-ended teaching methodologies

⭐ All materials supplied for all classes/workshops/events

⭐ Studio access time


We offer a range of art-based courses for children. Our courses are designed by our principal educator with 17+ years of teaching experience and professional practice, and a passionate belief in the powerful learning and personal growth potential available to children through visual art and the creative process.


Kids & Youth Art & Craft Parties & Celebration Events

Skate Deck Painting Sessions

Paper Lovers Club

Story Time Art

The Art of Well-Being

Creative Journaling for Well-Being

Creative Journaling as Reflective Practice for Teachers

Cut & Paste Collage Club

and more!

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