Canvas Painting, Sketching, Clay, Craft, Origami, Cupcake, Baking, Dessert, Cooking, Yoga, Language Hindi/Guj 7 Digital Art.

    Open for 2 weeks - 13 April - 26 April 2024 (Age 3-any)
    Mon-Sat Mornings from 10AM based on bookings.

    ✨ Canvas Painting

    >> 1 session - $69, 2 hours
    >> 2 sessions - $138, 4 hours
    >> 5 sessions - $300, 10 hours
    >> 10 sessions - $550, 20 hours

    ✨ Combo Package (Painting + Clay/Craft)

    >> 1 day - $138, 4 hours (2 activities)
    >> 2 days - $250, 8 hours (2 activities)
    >> 3 days - $415, 12 hours (2 activities)

    ✨ Yoga/Cupcakes

    >> Cupcakes - $86, 2 hours
    >> $193, 10 sessions 30 mins (Yoga, sketching, drawing, watercolours, digital art & etc.)

    Art Material FREE/ Registration FREE / Bookings Essential.

1 Favell St, Toongabbie NSW 2146, Australia

3 - 19 years old

0.5 hours



Accepts creative kids vouchers

Where to find us

1 Favell St, Toongabbie NSW 2146, Australia

About the provider


Shayoka's Art Classes

4.9 out of 5 (View 144 reviews)


This art class environment is very friendly, comfortable and relaxing. The students walk in with their interest or willingness only but return home with confidence and the feeling of achievement.

The Art Teacher Shayoka, guides beginners to overcome their initial fears and provides easiest techniques & ideas. She considers each individual as special and allow everyone to work at their own pace, abilities and interest. Each student is having full attention and one to one lesson in limited group.

• Pre-School Art Lessons (Age 3-4)

• Beginners Art Lessons (Age 4–7)

• Intermediate Art Lessons (Age 8–12)

• Advanced / Teen Art Lessons (Age 13–17)

• Adults Art Lessons (Age 18+)

• Holiday Art Lessons (All Ages)


Shayoka Shah is a versatile, multi-faceted and multi-talented person. She holds professional master degrees in financial management but passionate for art and community. That is why she started Shayoka’s Art Classes to help groom and foster kids and adults to learn drawing and painting and thus enrich their fertile minds.

Shayoka creates customized, hand-made, real master pieces for home decor, comercial and personalized gifting purpose. Her artistic skills encompass a range of visual arts, home decor, music, and even culinary skills. Her intense flair for drawing and painting is why she started Shayoka’s Art Classes in the year 2012. Since then, she has been teaching students the art of painting and drawing natural landscapes, sketching, Indian folk art, and aboriginal art.

She assists students to visualise ideas and transfer them on to paper through different mediums to create distinctive artworks. Such imaginative efforts have made many of her students very successful. Many of them have won awards in various art competitions.

Shayoka and her students have discovered and fostered their artistic potentials and given it an expression on paper. This way, they have stoked their inner happiness and gained great satisfaction. Shayoka encourages her students to explore their artistic and creative side. She knows and understands that art knows no boundaries.

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4.9 out of 5 from 144 reviews on


Top 5 reviews

Deebica Soundappan on


4 weeks ago

The 3days free workshop was literally awesome.. 3 days and 3 different art works which brought out 3 different thought processes. My kid loved it the very 1st day and wanted to get enrolled on the same day. Shayoka is extremely wonderful artist and inbuilt teacher. She gives attention to each and every kid and ensures all kids understand the art concepts. Looking forward for more collaboration with Shayoka.

Azi Saneipour on


a month ago

Shayoka is very enthusiastic, passionate and creative teacher. My son loves her and finds painting very enjoyable and fun in her class.

Rachana Dani on


4 weeks ago

It was wonderful experience attending Shyokaart class during term break. My daughter enjoyed art and painting she has created.

Unmesh VA on


4 months ago

My 9 year old who has ASD is attending Shayoka’s Art class since early 2023 which I feel as a therapy for him and helps him to increase his color awareness, focus and fine motor skills. Earlier he was unable to color within borders and now his ability to color has increased tremendously since starting the class. Also his imagination and color awareness increased as well and able to draw pictures from his mind. I could see great improvements in the way he draws, focuses and sense of achievement as he finishes a picture. Thank you Shayoka for all the support and help.

raj wadher on


a month ago

Shayoka is very detailed and passionate about teaching. You won’t be disappointed. She’s extremely organized and very responsive. She offers many additional art forms to help and develop kids artistic skills of the children including special needs and she definitely goes out of her way to ensure her students are getting what they need. Highly recommended and trustworthy art teacher.

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