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    Find out how Super Kids Tutoring can help your child understand their strengths and areas of need in order to develop the lifelong learning habits they need to succeed.


    ○ Specialised service catering for 3 - 8 year old children.
    ○ Small group classes of 4 students.
    ○ Boutique and personalised service.
    ○ Modern, clean facility with lift access.
    ○ Passionate Early Childhood Teacher with over 15 years experience.
    ○ Supportive and nurturing learning environment.
    ○ Ongoing child and parent feedback.
    ○ Instilling growth mindset practises and beliefs.
    ○ Activities to support your child’s learning at home (optional).
    ○ Consulting services available.
    ○ Convenient Double Bay location with free parking.
    ○ Close to Woolworths, Woollahra Library, Coffee shops and other amenities.

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Double Bay NSW 2028, Australia

3 - 8 years old

0 hour

Trial classes available

1 session(s) trials are available. Simply give us your details and we will be in touch to organise a time to get your kids started.

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Double Bay NSW 2028, Australia

About the provider

Super Kids Tutoring is a boutique tutoring service for 3-8 year olds that equips young children with important pre-literacy skills before entering formal schooling and supports K-2 children in learning how to read, write and spell.

Using a multi sensory approach, we have fun learning through play based games and interactive learning programs to empower your children with the reading and writing skills they need to be successful through the school years and life.

Inspire. Empower. Change.


Early intervention is the key to preventing reading and writing failure.


School & Reading Readiness

3-5 Year Olds


Reading & Writing

★ YEAR 1 - YEAR 2

Reading and Writing

Sight Words - Word Attack Skills


Literacy & Numeracy

1:1 Lessons

K - 2


Support for your child’s academic, social and emotional growth in partnership with Schools, OT, Speech & other key services.


What do you get when you put a bright eyed, imaginative 5 year old, dolls, stuffed toys, a texta and butchers paper taped to the wall? Fay playing out her future!

Fay Ligonis’ passion for teaching began at a young age and is the heart and soul of Super Kids Tutoring.

Spending her K-12 years at Meriden School for girls, Fay was then a teacher with the Department of Education for 15 years. After receiving such extensive teacher training in literacy early in her career and towards the end as a Reading Recovery teacher, Fay developed an increased passion for teaching reading and writing and enjoyed motivating her students and watching them succeed.

As a teacher, Fay constantly challenged her beliefs and ensured she kept her knowledge current and was consistent with best teaching practices.

She wanted her students to achieve, feel good about themselves and have fun in the process. ​

Noticing a close correlation between a child’s success with reading and writing and their self esteem, quality of friendships and their future learning and success in life,

Fay decided to focus on the pivotal literacy learning years in a child's life of 3- 8 years.

She launched Super Kids Tutoring to help support the education system, families and more children reach their full potential.

Find out how Super Kids Tutoring can help your child understand their strengths and areas of need in order to develop the lifelong learning habits they need to succeed.

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