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29 Attunga Rd, Blaxland NSW 2774, Australia

12 - 19 years old

0 hour

Trial classes available

1 session(s) trials are available. Simply give us your details and we will be in touch to organise a time to get your kids started.

Trial classes available

Monday - 4.45 pm to 7.15 pm

Wednesday - 4.45 pm to 7.15 pm

Friday - 4.45 pm to 7.15 pm

Where to find us

29 Attunga Rd, Blaxland NSW 2774, Australia

About the provider


Our teen program is awesome. It’s ultimate goal is to make fitness fun and safe for your teenager. The skills addressed expand to include the majority of CrossFit’s foundational and auxiliary movements and the time frame extends to accommodate the developing abilities of teens.


Our group classes follow the CrossFit methodology of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. The high intensity comes after learning proper technique and movement patterns.

Good CrossFit is where the coaches are experts in fitness and care about you and your fitness journey, and they invest themselves in helping you reach your goals. CrossFit is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. But, fair warning, once you try it, you may never want to go to the “other gyms” again!

Our ultimate goal is to make fitness fun and safe for your children and to build strong bodies for the future.

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