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140A William St, Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia

3 - 19 years old

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140A William St, Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia

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Established in 2017, Pure Imagination Performing Arts offers education in all aspects of the performing arts.

We offer a wide variety of disciplines from ages 3yrs & up, in a nurturing and caring environment.

PIPA's principal is strongly affiliated with a top performing arts school in Sydney called ED5 International. ED5 offers an ASQA Govt Accredited Diploma in Performing Arts (Written by the principal Elena De Cinque).

Students who wish to persue the arts as a career can gather advice from PIPA principal on how to go about entering the industry. No matter what path our students choose, all PIPA students are cared for and treated equally.


★ Ballet: Focusing on the RAD syllabus. A formal discipline that improves agility, co-ordination, grace, flexibility and strength. This style of dance is the basis for almost all forms of dance.

★ Jazz: Jazz dance combines the technique of ballet with our ever-changing popular culture. It works on flexibility, fluidity of movement and fitness.

★ Tap: This is a percussive form of dance, using metal tap plates attached to leather soled shoes to perform different styles of rhythmic patterns.

★ Lyrical: Lyrical is a combination of Jazz and Ballet and requires a lot of control and strength. Danced to medium or slow music, based more on the words and melody of the song it is very expressive.

★ Hip Hop: A funky and fun street style of dance. Originating from an Urban style culture from the Bronx, New York in the 1970’s.

★ Boys Only Hip Hop: A Fun class for boys aged 6yrs - 12yrs to get together and learn to dance. Focusing on the elements of Hip Hop, B-Boy moves and a crew like feel.

★ Musical Theatre: Encompassing a wide range of styles, Musical Theatre is usually combined with jazz or tap as well as acting and singing. It has a story to it in which the performers get across to the audience through the words and music of the song. A fun way to cover many genres and experience the wonder of musicals.

★ Acrobatics: Based off the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus. Using balance, flexibility, and strength it is a combination of skills and elements from circus, gymnastics and dance. Very physically demanding but very rewarding, the skills learnt are excellent to add into solo’s and group routines.

★ Broadway Babes (5-6yrs): A Fun Class incorporating 3 different styles approx. Tap/Jazz and singing. Helps develop co-ordination skills, strength and flexibility for little ones who love to move.

★ 4/U Little Stars (2-3yrs): A 30 Minute interactive class that develops motor skills and explores the imagination. These Petites will learn elements of Ballet, Jazz and Song.

★ 4/U Shinning Stars (3-4yrs): A 30 Minute interactive class that develops motor skills and explores the imagination. These Petites will learn elements of Ballet, Jazz and Song.

★ Combined Group Singing & Acting Class: A 45 minute class where every odd week is focussed on singing, learning songs, vocal exercises and harmonies. Every even week is focused on acting and fun exercises in a group setting to develop story telling skills and confidence.

★ Stretch & Strengthening, Kicks, Turns and Leaps Class: A great class for students to condition their bodies specifically related to dance skills. Working on kicks, splits, leaps, turnout and technique. A combination of cardio strength and flexibility.

★ Showgroup (9yrs+) and Junior Troupe(6-8yrs) Class: This class is for students who wish to participate in Eisteddfods, extra performances and commit to their dancing a little more seriously.

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