If you're looking for a recreational dance & cheerleading studio that is friendly, inclusive and builds confidence in your child, then you found us!

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170 Catherine Fields Rd, Catherine Field NSW 2557, Australia

1 - 15 years old

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Monday - 4.00 pm to 6.30 pm

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170 Catherine Fields Rd, Catherine Field NSW 2557, Australia

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The small studio with a big heart

If you're looking for a recreational dance & cheerleading studio that is friendly, inclusive and builds confidence in your child, then you found us!

All of our teachers have a passion for the performing arts. They have years of experience training, performing and teaching. Our teachers have also completed a Working With Children Check, so rest assured that you are leaving your children in good hands.


★ Kids Love to Wiggle (Walking - 3 yrs)

child is able to walk, then they can dance! Kids Love to Wiggle is a fun and playful dance class designed for both girls and boys up to the age of 3.

Develop balance, coordination and gross motor skills while dancing to all the biggest hits from the popular children’s band ‘The Wiggles’, including Big Red Car, Hot Potato, Do the Propeller…and many more.

To make it even more enjoyable and engaging, our happy and energetic teachers will hand out props to use so you and your child can twirl with ribbons, shake with maracas, dance with teddy bears and skip through the bubbles.

Caregivers are encouraged to join in the class and make it a great bonding experience for you and your child.

★ Kids Love to Move (3 - 5 years)

Their first taste of a real dance class!

Your little one will explore different styles of dance and some simple acrobatics too while making friends in a fun and friendly environment.

★ Kids Love to Dance (5 - 6 years)

Never get bored in this 1-hour class!

Your little one will get a taste of 4 different styles of dance in one lesson. Develop basic technique in tap, jazz, ballet & acrobatics while grooving to up-beat music in a fun and friendly environment.

★ Dancing (7 + years)

○ Jazz/Funk

A fun, up beat recreational class developing funky jazz skills and learning mini dance combinations to today’s popular music.

○ Lyrical

Learn to dance with fluidity and grace. Based on both ballet and jazz technique, lyrical dancers flow from one move to another. The lyrics in songs inspire movement with strong emotions.

○ Hip Hop

If traditional styles of dance are a little too rigid, then our fun hip hop class is what you need. In this style of dance there is no right or wrong, just individual style and your own personal groove.


A fusion of acrobatic movement and dance. Work on flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and tumbling skills. Then explore how to blend them with movement to create challenging and interesting dances.

★ Cheerleading

○ Mini Cheer

Learn to safely do bridges, cartwheels and forward rolls with friends. Get excited in learning how to dance and do simple stunts to upbeat music. Perfect for the kid that won’t sit still and is always doing tricks around the lounge room. This is a recreational fun cheerleading class.

○ All Star Cheerleading

Become a Platinum All Star Cheerleader and learn the skills of American cheerleading. This is an exciting and energetic sport that includes stunts, tumbling, tosses and dance. It's a great way to develop strong team values and build confidence and trust.

Don't get lost in the crowd of big studios. Join the Platinum Family.

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