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2 Mackellar St, Emu Plains NSW 2750, Australia

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Sally K Dance

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Sally K Dance is a family oriented, fun and safe learning environment located in Emu Plains, NSW. At SKD each student is valued, and raw talent & passion for dance and technique is encouraged and nurtured.

We offer lessons catering for all students from 2 years of age through to Adults. Our lessons are kept at affordable prices, where your child can learn through our "Dance for Fun" approach or work towards making dance a part of their future career.



Is an absolutely magical introduction to ballet. The class is 30 minutes long and takes preschoolers on a magical adventure with pixie kings, mermaids, feathers, and fairies.


Is a one hour combo class that includes jazz, tap, singing, music, and hip hop. This gives preschoolers a taste of lots of different styles in the one lesson.


Acrobatics is a specialised form of gymnastics specifically designed for incorporation into dance routines. It aims to increase your skill, agility, core strength, flexibility and co-ordination. Sally K Dance is a certified Acrobatic Arts studio.


Ballet is the core foundation of dance that complements, enhances and strengthens technique across every other genre of dance. Ballet provides dancers with technique, body placement and core strength.


Hip Hop is the current leading edge in dance, incorporating a broad collection of the latest moves, making it a popular dance style. It is rhythmic, funky, high energy, sharp, electric and very versatile.


We teach a variety of different jazz styles ranging from Traditional Jazz to Commercial Jazz, to Cabaret and even Funk. Jazz is energetic and expressive, upbeat and so much fun!


At SKD, we teach both Lyrical – which is a slow and expressive interpretive dance usually to emotional songs, and Contemporary – which is a modern cutting edge dance style.


Ready to take the next step and refine your skills to be a triple threat? Musical Theatre takes you from the dance floor to the stage - enhancing & working on your core dance skills whilst placing a key focus on singing and acting.


Tap lets you make music with your feet from special metal plates attached to the bottom of your tap shoes.


This class is an extension of regular classwork from both jazz and modern classes to build strength and flexibility, refine movement quality, and ensure correct execution of technique.

At SKD, we believe everyone can dance, so we offer a wide variety of classes to suit all ages and abilities.


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