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19 East St, Murrumbateman NSW 2582, Australia

2 - 4 years old

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Trial classes available

Saturday - 9.00 am to 11.00 am

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19 East St, Murrumbateman NSW 2582, Australia

About the provider

Dazzle Dance Academy provides fun, high-quality dance training taught by qualified professional dance teachers. Classes are taught in a safe and nurturing atmosphere where students will learn to develop self-esteem, confidence, friendships and creativity.

We are committed to providing a positive dance experience to all students involved. Dance is a discipline that exercises both the mind and body and we have programs that not only work on conditioning the body but also the mind. This will help students develop not only as a dancer but also positively as a person.

We provide classes for both the recreational dancer as well as those who want to pursue a professional career in dancing. All of our teachers are qualified and have trained in their specific style of dance. This is very important to the academy to ensure students are taught correctly and safely.


★ Tiny Tots and Introductory

For our youngest dancers, before they even start school, these two classes work on basic jazz and ballet steps to help develop independence, confidence, gross motor skills, discipline and the ability to recognise and repeat various steps and shapes. The perfect foundation for all future dance styles.

★ Ballet

Classical Ballet is the foundation for all great dance technique. We follow the ATOD syllabus and offer examinations for all ballet students Pre Junior and above. All of our classical ballet students perform in our ballet production at our End of Year Concert.

★ Jazz

An upbeat style that focuses on fast dynamic movement. It requires strength, technique, flexibility, co-ordination and fitness. Jazz is one of our most popular styles and is often performed to modern day pop music.

★ Tap

Make music with your feet. Tap is energetic and fun and most importantly, loud! Work on your rhythm, musicality and hand/eye/foot coordination.

★ Hip Hop

Based off a range of street dances Hip Hop is ever evolving with the cultural trends of the day. Offered to those students aged 8+

★ Contemporary

Contemporary is a fusion style where everything goes. It incorporates movements from ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern to create a unique look. Offered to those students aged 8+

★ Lyrical

The perfect blend of jazz and ballet technique. Lyrical focuses on soft, flowy movement based in expression and emotion. Offered to those students aged 8+

★ Musical Theatre

Based in jazz technique, Musical Theatre students will learn stylized movements from all their favourite Broadway shows. Females will learn to dance in chorus heels. Offered to those students aged 12+

★ Acrobatics

If going upside down is your jam, acro is for you. From back bends, to handstands, to walkovers and tumbling, acrobatics has all the tricks. Offered to those students aged 8+

★ Pre Pointe/ Pointe

Pointe is an advanced skill only offered to our most advanced dancers. Pointe work requires lots of strength and technique. Any student must first pass a pre pointe exam before commencing any work en pointe. Offered to those students in Senior Elementary and above.

★ Strength and Flexibility

This class focuses on stretching and strengthening exercises especially designed for dancers.

★ Performance Troupe

Performance Troupe is by audition only. These dancers must prove their technique, strength, flexibility and performance quality in order to secure a spot. Students will learn multiple routines throughout the year to compete at various competitions.

We absolutely love what we do and aspire to pass on our love of dance, different styles and knowledge to our students.

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