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    Inspire Performing Arts offers multiple dance styles, including Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, Technique, Acro and Cheer.

1/201 Botany Rd, Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia

2 - 19 years old

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Friday - 4.00 pm to 7.30 pm

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1/201 Botany Rd, Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia

About the provider


★ Jazz

Jazz is a fun upbeat, high energy style that involves flexibility, kicks, leaps and turns with choreography that is current. This style also helps with co-ordination, rhythm, musicality, and posture. A typical class involves a warmup, movements across the floor, and a combination in the centre to popular music.

★ Contemporary/Lyrical

Contemporary/Lyrical is a form of dance that is used to express emotion, we use movement and music to tell a story. Floor work and partner work is incorporated into these classes and we like to keep the music and movements current to today’s world.

★ Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a style that is becoming more popular in today’s society. It is like the style of dancing that you see in most music videos, involving dynamic free movements and grooves. Hip Hop is upbeat and danced to the latest music out today. You will learn popping, locking, and isolations.

★ Kick, Leaps & Turns

This is a specialised style where we focus on the technique in our kicks, leaps and turns, ensuring that we are using the correct muscles for different movements. You will also learn new skills that can then be incorporated into different styles of dance. Improving technique helps in developing a strong jazz foundation.

★ International Dance Technique (IDT)

International Dance Technique (IDT) is a studio syllabus designed to develop plyometric agility, strength, fitness, flexibility, and strong jazz technique in dancers of all ages and abilities. IDT aims to keep dancers motivated to reach their full potential as technical dancers. Inspire Performing Arts incorporates the IDT syllabus within our jazz classes as the technique portion of the class.


Inspire Performing Arts is a dance studio located in Waterloo that has been operational since 2020, where we provide a safe, caring and family-friendly space for all dancers and parents. At IPA, you are guaranteed to have a positive and exciting class every time that will leave you wanting more! We like to see every child reach their full potential.

Every child is treated as an equal and receives a high level of respect and attention from all staff members.

IPA offers multiple dance styles, including Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap and KLT.

Mission Statement

Inspire Performing Arts strives to provide a positive, nurturing, safe and caring environment while maintaining excellent family communication. Our outstanding teaching teams goal is for all dancers to be creative, have self-expression, have a love and passion for dance, be trained in all dance styles, and be the best version of themselves they can be.

At Inspire Performing Arts, we aren’t just a Dance studio; we’re a family!

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