Every NEW student is entitled to ONE obligation-free trial class.

    I understand that if my child attends a class or classes beyond their initial trial class, he/she will be enroled in the term of classes and Full Term Fees will apply according to the quoted fee at the time of confirmation. Sydney Performance Academy will interpret the repeated participation of my child as a conversion to full term enrolment and the corresponding charges will be applied.

    I understand that I will indisputably be charged the Full Term Fee if my child attends Sydney Performance Academy classes beyond his or her trial class.

    If a child does not attend subsequent classes beyond their trial class, there will be no fee incurred for the trial-class they have attended. I understand and accept that a free trial class constitutes any initial ActingUp class attended as well as SPA ‘Open Day’ and ‘Bring a Friend Day’.

    Once my child has has attended their initial class as a ‘Trial’ student, I will receive an email from Sydney Performance Academy. I understand that I am required to notify Sydney Performance Academy via return email of my child’s intention to continue or discontinue the term of classes. If I fail to notify Sydney Performance Academy prior to the subsequent class, I understand that my child will be automatically enroled in the class and I will indisputably be charged the Full Term Fee.

Coogee NSW 2034, Australia

5 - 11 years old

0 hour

Trial classes available

1 session(s) trials are available. Simply give us your details and we will be in touch to organise a time to get your kids started.

Where to find us

Coogee NSW 2034, Australia

About the provider

At Sydney Performance Academy, we nurture, encourage, inspire and change lives through creativity, collaboration and performance.

Sydney Performance Academy comprehensive co-curricular drama programs to primary and high schools in accordance with the school term. Classes are held on school premises, immediately following the end of the school day, exclusively for the students of the school, which provides a convenient opportunity for students to be exposed to training with high level teachers and acting coaches in a comfortable and familiar environment.


★ Acting Up

An after-school drama program for primary school students.

Designed specifically for primary school students, the courses in the Acting Up program provide learning opportunities that are integral to turning the children of today into the leaders of tomorrow. With an emphasis on fun, we provide a secure and supportive environment that allows students to develop the foundations to build invaluable life skills through drama.

★ SPA Studio

A co-curricular drama program for high school students.

The Studio Program teaches rigorous acting technique, based on the NIDA method of Acting. The workings of Stanislavsky, Meisner, and Meyerhold are introduced and explored alongside Improvisation, Stage Craft, Voice for Theatre, Text Analysis, Laban and Acting for Camera. The texts and styles of Shakespeare, Moliere and Wilde are studied and workshopped.

★ SPA Glee Club

After-school classes that combine singing, acting and dancing.

Did someone say ‘triple threat’? The Sydney Performance Academy Glee Club classes allow students to combine their acting skills with musical theatre and contemporary music repertoire. Students meld singing and movement with solid acting technique through musical scene studies and fun and unique musical ‘mash-ups’.

★ Incursions

Comprehensive in-school drama classes for students of all ages.

Incursions are a terrific opportunity for students to gain exposure to drama. Students engage their imaginations through improvisation, theatre sports and character development. Our class plans cater to students at different stages of development and are designed to help participants build confidence, work collaboratively, develop communication, explore their imagination, unlock their creativity and learn performance skills. Students are introduced to basic acting terminology and performance technique through collaborative exploration of devised scenes. All classes are structured, engaging, nurturing, and taught by industry professionals. We make sure every student is engaged and involved, and working outside their regular friendship circles.


All of our staff are performing arts industry professionals. SPA students have the unique opportunity to learn from artists who work in film, television, theatre and music theatre – our students gain valuable insights into the world of the creative arts.

In our classes, we cater to all skill-types and learning abilities. Our aim is to provide our students with the tools they need to grow in confidence, communicate clearly, work well with others, create imaginative stories and characters, and find courage in performance.

We help children find their voice through the freedom of self-expression, while providing our students with every type of learning platform.

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