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    Wouldn't you love to spend a morning really bonding and connecting with your young preschooler?

    It's a special class filled with music, joy, movement, singing along altogether, sharing, cuddling and leaving with a smile, knowing you'll be back next week to do it all again.

    Your little one not only becomes exposed to music and developing basic music competence, you get to connect with them one-on-one.
    Your little one builds sociability with their classmates and you can share special moments with the other parents and carers in the room.

    Take music home you can play in the car, during bathtime, while making dinner and dance around the room with the whole family, still connecting, still enjoying...

    Give this gift of trying one of our Music Together® classes for free - give this to you and to your child.

246/246 Rocky Point Rd, Ramsgate NSW 2217, Australia

0 - 5 years old

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246/246 Rocky Point Rd, Ramsgate NSW 2217, Australia

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The Music Space

5.0 out of 5 (View 20 reviews)

The Music Space is a music and singing school that cultivates a lifelong love of music in each and every one of you - our cherished students.

It is a vibrant, creative space, filled with learning, nurture, connection and inspiration.

We have 2 locations - Ramsgate and St Ives.

Your music journey with us starts when you are a baby or preschooler where we inject 45min of family music classes into you with the programme we are proud to present to you by Music Together®.

Once you reach school age, you will transition smoothly to our piano 'Lil' Muso' programme where you will leave mum or dad and join a group class with fellow 5-7 year olds.

OR, if you're keen to get your music journey started asap, we offer private lessons in almost any instrument you can think of!

Our teaching team are talented, qualified individuals who cater to your individual learning needs.

You will be part of a music community where you will be taught by teachers who are nurturing, passionate and professional and who ensure you develop into a self expressed, confident individual.

From private lessons in beautiful studios in Ramsgate and St Ives, to group classes and online lessons, The Music Space will guide you and take your desire and passion for music and cultivate it into a lifelong love of music.

We cant wait to meet you and take you on your music journey together.

Heidi x

Owner and founder


🎶 July School Holiday Workshops

Take a look at what is on offer next school holidays with The Music Space and pick the workshops that you feel will suit you and your interests best.

We cannot wait to have you join us for sessions that will inspire and excite you, educate and enrich you in music and the arts.

🎶 Private Music Tuition

You will meet your own specialist music tutor in your chosen instrument in one-to-one music lessons. Your tutor will be there to support you and nurture your development. Our passion is to assist you in cultivating a lifelong love of music. No matter your playing ability or age. We want you to be your very best.

🎶 Group Classes

Group classes are offered at The Music Space as an add on, to develop a new or complementary skill as a private music student, or if you are a person who prefers to learn as part of a group.

Whether you want to learn the keyboard as a Kindy student, take your AMEB theory of music exams because you are also taking AMEB practical exams or want to develop better music theory for the HSC. Or perhaps you want to improve your harmony singing in a teen group, we aim to cater to you.

Our different classes are offered on different days and times at our three locations in Sydney.

🎶 Music Together®

Enrolling in a Music Together® class for you and your child is signing up to a beautiful developmental and bonding experience.

You are not simply signing up for a music class, you are signing up for music education.

Your child will learn basic music competence along with you their grown up and gets special one-on-one time with their favourite person in the world, You.

You will each learn to develop foundational skills in your voices and bodies and a lifetime of skill and enjoyment with music. Isn't that amazing!

The magic that is sparked in the lessons really happens at home Let's begin this magical growth and journey together.

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5 out of 5 from 20 reviews on


Top 5 reviews

Themelina Johns on


3 years ago

Heidi and her team of music teachers have incredible talent that they so delicately share with the community, building on the creativity and talent of their students. Not only has the past 6 months of my life had so much energy and happiness through music and the lessons with the music space team, they put equal and passionate effort into all students which I can’t recommend enough. There is so much freedom, love and power in music and the creative arts!

Hang Nguyen on


3 years ago

Having Heidi as a piano teacher is a wonderful experience for us for many years. We love Heidi not only because of her expertise in teaching, her endless effort to meet each student’s need, but also the inspiration she gives to them. We can’t thank Heidi enough for her hard work.

Peta Cashion on


5 years ago

The Music Space is an excellent place to encourage the love of music. My daughters have been at The Music Space for 2 years. They are embracing learning to play piano and feel inspired each time they attend a lesson.. The teachers are the reflection of this as they are amazing. I would highly recommend the opportunity for all ages to explore their love of music at “The Music Space.”

Christene Mikhail on


11 months ago

Excellent place to take your kids to learn piano. My children have gone so far with Heidi and the team. Could not be happier.

Gate7 on


3 years ago

Heidi and her team at Music Space are absolutely amazing! My daughter looks forward to her class all week and loves attending. Highly recommend them.

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