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17 Smith St, Walkerville SA 5081, Australia

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Maya Karate Academy

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Karate helps us improve our motor skills, helps us reduce stress, and gives us confidence and security. The rates of bullying and domestic violence in Australia are worrying, the practice of Karate can help us improve as individuals and as a society. Karate is culture and values, let’s teach our children how not to fight.


⭐ Self-confidence

To be self-confident is to trust in yourself and your abilities. Confidence is a feeling of trust in someone or something. To be self-confident is to have confidence in yourself. Self-confident people don’t doubt themselves. This is usually a positive word: you can be self-confident without being cocky, arrogant, or overconfident.

Why Self-Esteem Matters

By contrast, kids with low self-esteem might feel unsure of themselves. If they think others won’t accept them, they may not participate as often.

They may allow themselves to be treated poorly and have a hard time standing up for themselves. Kids who don’t expect to do well may avoid challenges, give up easily, or be unable to bounce back from mistakes.

Having low self-esteem can block success. It can leave kids distracted by the stress of how to deal with everyday challenges.


Toyama Kanken was the founder of Shudokan, he started his karate practice with Itayariki sensei at the end of the 19th century. When he attended at Okinawa Secondary School he practiced with Anko Itosu sensei, the Father of Karate.

Anko Itosu was the teacher of Toyama Kanken, Gichin Funakoshi, founder of Shotokan, Kenwa Mabuni, founder of Shitoryu, their most outstanding students.

Currently Shudo Kan is present in 11 countries; Australia, Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Japan, Mexico, Italy, USA, and Spain.

Toyama Kanken opened his first dojo in 1933 in Tokyo.

For 90 years long, our karate school has had the objective of promoting the serious study and practice of Karate-Do. Our academy in Adelaide is running by instructors who have a high level of academic and technical knowledge.

Hanshi Genaro Maya 8° Dan is the head in the Word of International Shudokan Karate do.

Shihan Helena Koch 7° Dan is our international Technical adviser.

Jun Shihan Carlos Maya 4° Dan is our State Director. Jun Shihan Liliana Maya 4° Dan is our senior self-defence instructor.

Hanshi Antonio Marquez was a Toyama’s student and was the founder of Shudokan in Mexico. Hanshi Hideo Tsuchiya was a Toyama’s Student and was the founder of Shudokan in Argentina. Hanshi Augusto Gonzalez has written ‘Keiko’ & ‘A la sombra del karate de Suri’ two referrals for anyone involved in the history and technique of our karate no matter which style they practice.

Congratulations on starting your Karate Journey.

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5 out of 5 from 12 reviews on


Top 5 reviews

Carlos Gallardo on


a year ago

Had the fortune of attending the graduation day at Maya Karate in December last year. An amazing community oriented day where parents enjoyed their children's display of self-discipline and skills acquired throughout the year.

Well done to all Sensei's.

M on


2 years ago

In 2020, at the age of 43, I began my journey as a Karate student with Maya Karate Academy. In my time training under the instruction of both Sensei Genaro Maya and Sensei Carlos Maya, I have gained fitness, flexibility, strength, stamina and many other health benefits.

A really special aspect of training with Maya Karate Academy is the depth of knowledge, martial arts philosophy, and technique that both Sensei Genaro and Sensei Carlos can share with students, after having dedicated their lives to the art of Karate.

Sensei Genaro is able to share his 50 years of experience and knowledge gained from training with a Karate Master who was a direct student of the Father of Okinawan Karate, Toyama Kanken. He is one of a very few martial artists in the world who are connected to the origins of Okinawan Karate in this way, offering a cultural bridge between traditional Okinawan Karate and the students under his instruction. What a privilege to have him here in SA! I feel blessed to be his student.

Sensei Carlos is an elite athlete and champion of the WKF, who offers all the knowledge imparted to him from his own 25 years mastering Karate with his father, Sensei Genaro. Sensei Carlos, with his athletic ability and competitive achievements is also able to impart his knowledge of kumite (sparring), with experience not often found in Karate schools.

To be a student training under a combination of these two talented, dedicated and specialist Karateka’s is an experience and a learning journey that you will not find at another Karate school in the country.

Daniel Werzberger on


3 years ago

Carlos is a National Karate champion both in Australia and abroad. More importantly, he is a fantastic instructor who cares about his students. This club comes from a family dedicated to Karate, with generations of knowledge and experience. Highly recommend.

Tim Day on


a year ago

Sensei Genaro and Sensei Carlos have a wonderful manner of teaching and conduct their lessons with utmost professionalism but are still incredibly approachable and engaging for all ages and levels of experience.

Daniel de Paz on


a year ago

Great and professional team with strong experience in Karate

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