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Unit 4/589 Withers Rd, Rouse Hill NSW 2155, Australia

4 - 19 years old

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Monday - 9.00 am to 9.45 am

Tuesday - 9.00 am to 9.45 am

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Unit 4/589 Withers Rd, Rouse Hill NSW 2155, Australia

About the provider

We're a music school that specialises in teaching contemporary instruments to young children.

Our unique course makes musical concepts easy to understand for younger minds. We brake down each of the playing techniques into step by step guides with easily attainable goals. This makes learning a musical instrument easy and fun.

Let your Child Choose! We offer Term classes in:

★ GUITAR: Online / Face2Face / Group

★ PIANO: Online / Face2Face / Group

★ SINGING: Face2Face

★ DRUMS: Online / Face2Face / Group

★ BASS: Online / Face2Face / Group

★ VIOLIN: Face2Face

★ SAXOPHONE: Face2Face

★ MUSIC THEORY: Online / Face2Face / Group

★ COMPOSITION: Online / Face2Face / Group

★ MUSIC PRODUCTION: Online / Face2Face / Group

★ HSC SUPPORT: Online / Face2Face


End of year recital? Yeah, we do that too… but we record a song and music video as well!

Each school holidays, our students are invited to join bands and spend three days in the studio recording! The kids learn the process, how to use the equipment and software, all while producing a


Little Muso’s began as the answer to a long-standing question…”How do you teach a young child to play the guitar?”

Visual references and the ease of playing individual notes have always drawn young children and parents to the piano. We realised that it wasn’t that kids couldn’t pick up other contemporary instruments, It was the way they were being taught.

Our program began with Group Classes. We had 25 students aged between 5 and 11 in our first group! We needed to re-invent how we taught music from the ground up.

Our highly skilled and experienced teachers developed the ‘LITTLE MUSO’s Guitar Method‘. These books became the key to teaching large and multi-aged groups. They helped our students grasp concepts including music theory, written notation, practical application, and most importantly… technique! We experienced some outstanding results, teaching children as young as 4 to read and play music on the guitar!

Our ‘LITTLE MUSOS‘ program was so successful, that we applied the same method to our ‘big kids’ and adult students as well. And yes! We saw the same results. We’ve made learning a musical instrument easy for all!

The guitar was the first step. Since the inception of our Little Muso’s program, we’ve expanded our range to include Drums, Bass and Singing! Further research and development are underway to expand the range further.

Our mission is to make any musical instrument easy to learn regardless of age or experience.

Little Muso's making music!

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