9.00-10.00am - Student Drop off if required
    10.00- 11.30am - Acro Workshop with Chrystal
    11.30-12.00pm - Lunch (bring your own)
    12.00-1.30pm - Hip Hop Workshop with Deedee
    1.30-1.45pm - Afternoon Tea (provided)
    1.45 - 3.15pm - On the Stage! Jazz/Musical Theatre with Maddi
    3.15 - 3.30pm - Performance <3

179 Station Rd, Burpengary QLD 4505, Australia

6 - 16 years old

0 hour

Where to find us

179 Station Rd, Burpengary QLD 4505, Australia

About the provider

We offer many classes that are affordable, student orientated, friendly and taught by wonderful Teachers in a non-competitive environment. Our focus is on the Students, and making sure that they are enjoying themselves, as well as reaching their full potential.

The classes at Chrystal Lee School of Dance are for any type of Dancer. Beginner-Advanced, Non-competitive & purely for fun, or for the more serious Dancer.

We have classes for Babies all the way to Adults.


★ Special Needs Hip Hop Dance Program (Rhythm Works Integrative Dance)

★ Baby Boppers Dance Group

★ Jazz

★ Acrobatic Dance

★ Contemporary

★ Tiny Tots Acro from 2.5 years

★ Adult Jazz & Contemporary

★ Classical Ballet

★ Adult Ballet

★ Tap

★ Adult Tap

★ Hip Hop

★ Musical Theatre

★ Tiny Tots from 18 months

★ Tiny Tots from 2.5 years

★ Tiny Tots from 3.5 years

★ 18+ Burlesque


Chrystal Lee School of Dance offers a variety of dance classes in Burpengary.

Our Dance classes are for the young, creative "Tiny Tot" age of 18 months, right through to Adults. They are for any experience level, with my main aim to provide fun, unique, creative Dance lessons to anyone who wants to learn, get some fitness and be involved in an out of school activity.

We have also recently started a Babies Dance class for an introduction to movement and music which is wonderful for early development and great bonding time for babies and their Adult.

Each of our lessons are carefully designed to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved. Teaching correct technique and alignment, ensuring students are warmed up, cooled down and stretching are all very important for SAFE DANCE and these things are part of every Lesson.

A positive attitude is brought too all of our classes, contributing to create a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere, where students want to be, and enjoy coming back to every week. All students are treated equal, fairly, and are nurtured as they grow and learn with us Teachers being an important role model in their lives.

During the year, opportunity for public performance will be sought out for students in classes from Primary+, which is a great boost to children's confidence, and also helps prepare them for future public performances in their life.

All students will have the opportunity, and are encouraged, to participate in the End of Year Performance, where the students will showcase their skills, and the last lesson of Terms 1 & 2 will be open for viewing.

We endeavor to have something for everyone who wants the chance to DANCE!!

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