Trial session for either the Mercury, Venus or Earth groups of the 'Soccer and Healthy Minds' course. Group descriptions are as follows:

    Mercury (approx. ages 2 – 5)

    THEME: Setting your little star up for success, with a short, fun session

    For any budding Messi or Ronaldo, body confidence is the first step of the journey to greatness. This 30-minute session introduces skills such as throwing, catching, jumping, crawling, etc., which set the platform for the fun, football-themed activities they’ll take part in. These focus on ball mastery (confidently using different parts of the foot to move the ball) and striking.

    They’ll also learn key soft skills, such as staying within boundaries, and listening to instructions. As you can imagine, this is sometimes a challenge at this stage 😊. Parents / guardians should be prepared to join in the fun!

    Venus (approx. ages 4 - 6)

    THEME: Falling in love with the beautiful game, and beginning to understand themselves and their world.

    Here, we take the next step in developing their physical and technical skills, in a fun, 60-minute session. Each week, children will further develop their ball mastery, and cover a key skill, such as:

    • First touch and passing
    • Running with the ball
    • 1v1’s
    • Shooting

    They’ll also have the chance to show off their skills in a small-sided game at the end!

    Just before the game, we’ll take a short break to focus on their wider development. Inspired by the CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) model, there’ll be a quick activity around one of the 5 areas of social and emotional learning:

    • Self-awareness
    • Self-management
    • Social awareness
    • Relationship skills
    • Responsible decision-making

    Earth (approx. ages 6 – 9)

    THEME: Preparing to take on the world!

    Following the Venus session structure, children will continue in their key skill development for 75 minutes – ball mastery, 1v1’s, first touch and passing, etc. The more passionate children will perhaps be looking to join a team at this point, so teamworking principles will be gradually incorporated.
    We’ll also take it to the next level with their social and emotional development, again using the CASEL framework.

    Following the trial session, you will be send a link for the course proper if you wish to continue

Meadowbank Park, Constitution Rd, Meadowbank NSW 2114, Australia

2 - 9 years old

0 hour

Trial classes available

9 week(s) trials are available. Simply give us your details and we will be in touch to organise a time to get your kids started.

Trial classes available

Monday - 4.15 pm to 5.30 pm

Monday - 5.40 pm to 6.40 pm

Friday - 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Friday - 5.40 pm to 6.40 pm

Saturday - 8.30 am to 9.00 am

Saturday - 9.10 am to 10.10 am

Saturday - 10.20 am to 11.35 am

Sunday - 8.30 am to 9.00 am

Sunday - 9.10 am to 10.10 am

Sunday - 10.10 am to 11.35 am

Where to find us

Meadowbank Park, Constitution Rd, Meadowbank NSW 2114, Australia

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Galaxy Sports Coaching

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• A unique, holistic, and winning approach!

• High-quality core skill training

• Emotional intelligence activities

• Physical conditioning

• Mini-matches

• Highly rated by locals


⦿ Mercury

• Approx ages 2-5

• 9 weeks, during school term

⦿ Venus

• Approx ages 4-7

• 9 weeks, during school term

⦿ Earth

• Approx ages 6-9

• 9 weeks, during school term

⦿ Private Sessions

• Age 4 to adult

• Early mornings to evenings, subject to availability.

Private and semi-private sessions are also available upon request.


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5 out of 5

by Jay P

Coach Ryan at Galaxy Sports Coaching is one of the very few soccer/football schools in Sydney that actually knows and understands the game. More importantly, he understands how and what a child needs ...

4 out of 5

by John P

Coach Ryan provides an excellent fun experience with the kids, his calm and focused delivery gives the kids good clear direction. Each session is very interactive and enteraining. Highly recommended

5 out of 5

by Charles L

Coach Ryan is a super coach! Our little Hammer Charley is looking forward to training again soon! Thank you! ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️

waves surf school

5 out of 5

by Esther L

We are absolutely thrilled with Coach Ryan and the soccer coaching provided by Galaxy Sports Coaching for our son. Coach Ryan's approach goes beyond just physical health; it instils a healthy mindset ...

5 out of 5

by Grace I

Such a nurturing and fun experience! Coach Ryan is patient, knowledgeable, fun and caring. My son loves his sessions.

waves surf school

5 out of 5

by Michaela H

Galaxy Sports Coaching is providing a great mix of theory and practice each week for little soccer lovers.


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