The holiday version of our popular glitch coding club! Perfect for beginners and expereicned coders alike. We make games, solve puzzles, earn badges and learn a ton about coding. We’ll also break up the coding with some Nintendo tournaments, which the teacher always wins. The program is designed to allow children to learn more about what interests them, and build goals to reach the dreams that they have. It’s about building confidence with technology, which is so important in today’s world! Below are some of the platforms we’ll be working on, but depending on your child we’re certainly not limited by them: –

310 The Entrance Rd, Erina NSW 2250, Australia

10 - 16 years old

0 hour



Accepts creative kids vouchers

Where to find us

310 The Entrance Rd, Erina NSW 2250, Australia

About the provider

Offering a range of Programming courses, Coastal Coding is here to encourage computing knowledge across the Central Coast.

Teaching students from 8 years old and up, we have a variety of options for school children, university students and adults. We have group classes and private tutoring options to suit everyone's needs.

★ Imagine

Unlock your potential with the most relevant skill in the modern world

★ Create

There are no limits to what you can do with coding

★ Learn

Acquire real and relevant programming skills, combining logic with intuition to unlock the potential in anyone

★ Think

Using the logical side of your brain can help in a number of essential skills such as problem-solving and mathematics, whilst also providing the confidence to explore them further

★ Play

Experience your own game creations, and learn more about the games that you love

★ Socialise

Make friends and learn about coding together, it's never easier to go alone


Glitch is a program that encourages children to explore different technologies that interest them. On a child’s first week in Glitch, we’ll go through what they want to learn about or build. We’ll make a plan, set them up, and provide them constant support for their project. For the last hour every week we also host our own Nintendo tournaments, to give everyone the chance to make friends and have even more fun!

What will my child learn from Glitch?

Your child will take away crucial technology skills that they can use in almost any career. Not only that, but they’ll have had fun and made friends while doing it! Students could choose to modify Minecraft, build their own games, code drones, code lego robots, use basic electronics to build things like alarm clocks, the list goes on!

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