Hip Hop performance class for 13 years to adults

    learn a hip hop dance to be performed at the end of term performance on 12 December

    all standards welcome

    term commences 7th October but students can join at anytime

    for enquiries please call 03 9429 9492 or email

225 Swan St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

13 - 19 years old

0 hour

Where to find us

225 Swan St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

About the provider


Dance Factory

3.8 out of 5 (View 30 reviews)

Dance Factory is the perfect school to harness the passion and energy that young people now have for Dance.

What sets Dance Factory apart from other dance schools?

○ Friendly vibrant staff

○ Skilled teachers

○ Fun atmosphere

○ New choreography in all casual classes, Come and go as you please

○ Progressive courses for the more serious students

○ Full time and Part time accredited courses with subsidies available through “Skills First” to Australian & NZ students, asylum seekers and indigenous students

○ CRICOS registered for International students

○ Junior & Teenage Classes ages 3-18

○ VET Dance for students in Years 10, 11 and 12

○ Performance Classes

○ Short Courses

○ Studio Hire


✨ Ballet (5-7 years)

✨ Ballet (8-12 years)

✨ Hip Hop/Jazz (5-7 years)

✨ Hip Hop/Jazz (8-12 years)

✨ Jazz (Beginner)

✨ Jazz (Intermediate)

✨ Jazz (Advanced)

✨ Ballet (Beginner)

✨ Ballet (Intermediate)

✨ Tap (Beginner)

✨ Tap (Intermediate)

✨ Lyrical (Beginner)

✨ Lyrical (Intermediate)



We have a proud history of producing some of Australia’s finest performers and choreographers and we apply that same attention to Dance technique, safety and performance to our junior school.


Our kids and teenager classes cover a variety of dance styles, all taught by Dance professionals.


We believe in learning through performance. Our Junior School performs on stage in both our mid and end of year shows & teenagers perform at the end of every term.


No need to make or sew your own costumes.


We are more interested in our students learning dance and having fun than winning, however, private lessons are available for those interested. Our junior students gain valuable performance experience through our end of semester performances.

Our students are encouraged to treat dance as part of a balanced lifestyle, with schoolwork, social life and leisure being of equal priority. Students can choose from Jazz, Ballet, Tap and Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, or a combination of these. If you are unsure of which classes to select, we can advise you.

Teachers are advised that classes should be fun, friendly and non-competitive. Our teachers are aware of the need for safe dance technique in young bodies, each student’s body is treated individually.


The high standard of theatrical talent that Australia has produced has long been recognised throughout the world.

The local cast of international blockbusters are hailed as amongst the best in the world, and conversely, the stages of the world are resplendent with Australian talent.

If you combine tenacity and positive energy with all round strength in dance and acting and singing , you create a performer who is able to shine in any performance situation, which is the hallmark of the Australian performer.

Dance Factory is the one performing arts studio that has ridden and supported this wave of acceptance and admiration from the early 1980’s to the present day.

At it’s beginning, Dulcie Lee saw the need to establish a studio that catered to the specific requirements of modern musical theatre and commercial dance. A studio that would allow professionals the opportunity to teach, and pass on their knowledge in an atmosphere of excellence. A studio that would allow students to focus full time on developing and honing their performance skills and then graduate into the world of the professional.

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3.8 out of 5 from 30 reviews on


Top 5 reviews

Katy Mack on


a month ago

Poor ethos and culture was our experience. Theory lifted from the internet. Seems money-focussed rather than concerned about the development and well-being of students. In our experience Not inclusive or supportive and feedback given in unprofessional manner by the owners. Favourite students and others. There are far better and more professional and caring dance companies in Melbourne in our experience.

Zack Licitis on


5 years ago

(2.5 stars if I could)

I've done one year here (2018) and for beginners I would recommend attending here for basic technique. The facilities are quite nice but some studios are slippery as well as some being to small.

Student and reception:

Other students there are nice and welcoming and the two receptionist are always working hard but still have time to talk which is extremely nice. Other members of the reception team at some points would harass people for money and if you went to audition for another school would tell you off. However others are like mothers to all the students.

The teachers: The teachers are off and on with some having the opinion that they know everything and making students self-conscious about their bodies not to mention being very unprofessional during rehearsal times. Other teachers are amazing and I felt like I was pushed in these classes and that they wanted the best for me. I felt like I could go to these teachers and express ideas and myself as a young dancer. Some others after a while I don't learn from and it's just a big game when in reality it's my life as a dancer.

Night classes: I would definitely recommend night classes as they are normally fun, energetic and lively with a healthy mix of talking and dancing.

Extra notes: Don'expect to film any classes as that is out of the question. Which in this day and age is stupid.

C B on


5 years ago

I've been taking adult casual classes at Dance Factory for about 10 years. During that time I've met some great people, made lifelong friends, and improved a lot as a dancer. My favourite thing about this school is the way the receptionists knew my name the second time I ever came in, and are always friendly and chatty. It's very welcoming and for a large school has much more of a family vibe than others in the area.

Alice Catherine on


4 years ago

I feel really lucky to have found Dance Factory. I'm currently a part time student, and the experience has so far been really great. I don't quite understand the experience of some of the other people who have reviewed here saying that beginner students are ignored by staff/management. I started as an almost complete beginner (excepting some pretty negligible childhood dance experience) and definitely haven't felt ignored/neglected by staff. Everyone has been really inclusive and welcoming so far.

The teachers are experienced and approachable, happy to answer questions and are able to balance the constructive feedback needed to improve with sufficient encouragement to motivate the student. If you are enthusiastic and willing to work hard, they will support you.

Maddy Bunny on


3 years ago

Started my full-time course at Dance Factory mid-July 2020, although my first 2 terms were a bit weird due to the covid situation (classes on zoom for few weeks), I was able to see myself make huge progress with techniques and basics in jazz and ballet, as I came with no dance background at all. (little bit of hip hop fondations)

Management has been nothing but kind to me, as I'm an international student who's also working a lot, they've been supportive and treating me like family and encouraging me since my first day. Teachers are patient, and as long as you're here to progress and invest yourself they'll be supporting you! Everyone is very friendly, there's always a good atmosphere in class/casual classes.

Although I'm a full time student, I also enjoy taking the night/casual classes on Mondays and Saturdays!

I absolutely love doing jazz and Hip hop with Emmalee on mondays, she has an amazing energy and is always coming up with fun routines! And I also really enjoy Sophie's ballet and lyrical classes on Saturdays :)

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