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    Our 4-in-1 in-person & online interactive Communication skills School Holiday Workshop will start from 26 Sep -07 Oct 2022.
    It is an intense program that is a precursor to our weekly school term program.
    They practice important communication skills by combining public speaking, creative writing, debating and drama activities.

    Our specially-crafted 4-in-1 Communications Program includes:

    Public speaking and presentation skills – the opportunity to learn the basics skills of speaking publicly; practicing and presenting talks and speeches; impromptu and prepared.
    Debating – practicing persuasive language, listening and sharing ideas and opinions.
    Reading aloud of verse and prose – reading with expressions and comprehension, feeling comfortable to hear their own voice
    Drama activities– developing an awareness of our voice and the importance of movement and body language.
    Creative Writing – developing imagination, expressive language skills and role play.
    Storytelling – encouraging sequencing of events and imagination.

    All our classes are age specific and are run by talented and Australian trained coaches, experienced in engaging quiet learners and drawing them out of their shell. The program is adapted for young kids who are just learning to read and write, hence they do far more speaking/listening activities.

    Our students have been participating in the Australian Speech & Communications Association ( Speaking and Listening) graded exams held twice in a year and have been awarded High Distinction, Distinction and Credit certificates for their performance.

    All our classes are held in COVID-safe environment.

    Do let us know if you have any further questions.

    We look forward to helping your child to #speakwithconfidence

Waitara NSW 2077, Australia

6 - 17 years old

0 hour



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Waitara NSW 2077, Australia

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Let us partner with you to help them #speakwithconfidence.


✨ Creative Writing

Creative Writing is all about pushing the boundaries & our program enables kids to start thinking outside the box at an early stage.

✨ Debating

This activity helps kids strike a perfect balance between being persuasive about a given topic & being tolerant & respectful towards opposing point of views.

✨ Public Speaking

Shyness to speak up openly can restrict children from taking up challenges in life, but with our program, your child will learn to overcome their fears & be bold!

✨ Drama

Proper control of body language, expressions & emotions is essential in performing arts & our classes help to develop & polish these areas.


The Art and Craft of Communication.

Join us to help build Confidence and Social Skills through Public Speaking, Listening, Debates, Drama and Creative Writing.

Are you ready to help your child succeed by boosting their confidence through better communication skills?

Let's redefine 'shyness' together and nurture speaking abilities that will be the key to their success in school, personal life, and work. Our SPEAKSCRAFT program engages them through 4 critical communication activities of Speaking, Debate, Drama and Creative Writing activities.

Parents often categorise their children as "shy" when they notice a reluctance to communicate or excuse behaviors that are less social. A child labeled as shy may often feel uncomfortable in social situations due to the fear of being judged. However, it's important to recognize that these children might simply be slow to warm up, becoming more engaged as their comfort level increases

○ Our aim is partner with parents to encourage, coach and guide students to develop self confidence, self esteem, while building the essential skill of communication that will serve them throughout their lives

○ As Warren Buffett too concedes “ If you can't communicate and talk to people and get across your ideas, you're giving up your potential”.

○ The program SPEAKSCRAFT - features activities in Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Drama, and Debates and are designed to be both enjoyable and practical. They serve as tools for aiding learners in becoming not only confident but also effective communicators.We firmly believe that our interactive activities and coaching not only nurture the potential within our students but also empower them to shine, finding not only enjoyment but success in various areas of their lives.

Elevate your child's journey to success, with the lasting impact that strong communication skills can have on every aspect of their life."

Our Principles

• Create a safe and secure learning environment.

• Engage, build confidence by practice

• Establish clear, realistic aims to achieve the learning outcomes

• Use different learning methods, materials and activities to keep students engaged

AIR: Accountability, Inspire, Respect

• Accountability: Plan and Adapt to Learners’ needs, create a safe learning environment.

• Inspire: Develop and Assess individual learners in various ways that demonstrate their potential, build their confidence and self - esteem.

• Respect: Treat all learners equitably. Adopt an inclusive teaching style and respect diversity

Our Public Speaking Coaches & Learning Process

Every learner is different and has individual needs. Our goal is to motivate and inspire every student to think, communicate and be themselves by imparting the ART and CRAFT of Communication Skill that will create successful, confident individuals, both academically and socially.

Our coaching team consists of skilled and friendly Australian school graduates who currently attend Australian universities in courses such as Psychology, Law, PR & Marketing and Education. They have each experienced Debating and or Public Speaking first-hand, either during school or university and the role models to whom our students find it easy to relate.

Our class sizes are small and like any sport or learning a musical instrument, the skills a student builds is by continuous practice and repetition.

Every student is talented! All they need is a spark to unveil the brilliance in them!

Let them Be Bold Be Heard.

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