Judo NSW and Budokan Judo Club offer a 1 month trial period (2 weeks for the pre-school class)

Budokan Judo Club Inc. • Castle Hill 2154


    Join any of our classes for a no obligation trial period of between 2 weeks (for pre-school pre-Judo "Dinos" class for 4-5yo) or one month for "Mons" (school aged 5-8yo) or "Juniors" 9-14yo) or "Seniors" (14yo and older). When the trial period ends, If you didn't like your experience, just stop and there is no payment. If you continue classes, simply pay the annual Judo NSW fee (between $50 and $140 depending on age) and also pay for your Budokan Judo Club training fees on-line.

    Note that we are a not-for-profit club so we offer discounted prices for longer-term payments (3mths versus 6mths versus 12mths) and also for multiple family memberships.

Showground Rd, Castle Hill NSW 2154, Australia

4 - 19 years old

0 hour



Accepts active kids vouchers

Trial classes available

4 week(s) trials are available. Simply give us your details and we will be in touch to organise a time to get your kids started.

Where to find us

Showground Rd, Castle Hill NSW 2154, Australia

About the provider

Judo is internationally recognised for its development of body and character. Budokan Judo Club exponents apply their knowledge each time they train like a physical game of chess. Applying that knowledge at the right time, in the right situation leads to success, just as in life. We practice Judo on another human being so we learn to work with others, regardless of their race or background. Students bow as they enter and leave the training hall, when they step onto and off the mat, and to their training partners as a sign of mutual welfare and respect. So Judo at Budokan is not just a sport for elite sports people, but an activity that teaches a range of life skills.

Budokan is unique in that we encourage athletes to value participation and education, that it is the effort and spirit that counts, not the result. Our older athletes mentor and support our younger athletes at training and at competitions promoting a significant knowledge transfer, enhancing development and fostering “team” spirit. This also creates a hierarchy of role models and ultimately supports the development of children into fine adults guiding both their sporting and life goals.

We cater to a diverse community cross-section, from 3 year olds to 80 year olds, pre-school pre-Judo toddlers, recreational players, members with spectrum disorders, veteran competitors, right up to Olympians. Athletes are guided along pathways which maximise their enjoyment and potential. If your goal is improving fitness, or a parent better understanding your child’s sport, or building confidence for athletes with disabilities, or representing Australia at an Olympic Games, then Judo is for you and Budokan is your club. Family spirit and involvement are paramount to the club’s culture. We travel together around Australia to competitions staying together, wearing club merchandise and support all our athletes in all our activities. Our membership has been as high as 240 and is lead by a committed group of 11 volunteer coaches and 10 committee members.

Budokan’s contribution in the Judo community is significant, with 4 international representatives in 2022, 2 current Olympians who are both 2022 Commonwealth Games Bronze medallists, 2 ASC-categorised athletes and 6 athletes on the National Cadet and Junior Development Squads, 4 State Coaches, and 2 Referees. Almost 20% of the club’s membership participated at the 2022 Nationals winning 36% of NSW’s Gold medals. We host Under 8s and Under 12s NSW competitions at the club bringing the NSW Judo community to the Hills. We provide significant discounts in training fees for over 20 multi-family memberships and for members paying for longer term training periods making the club readily accessible to all of the community.

We have managed to balance two potentially conflicting goals: active participation and inclusion within a family-oriented environment, against a culture of medal winning performances. Progress and performance in competition are very motivating to many athletes and by delivering a consistently high standard of training opportunities, we are able to meet both goals.

Our primary aim is active participation, for members to set personal goals and develop the discipline to achieve them whilst promoting welfare and benefit to all club members. Healthy lifestyles are encouraged and members are exposed to high values and ethics, making them better equipped for life.

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