This school holiday enjoy Science and Art in our fun holiday camps. We're partnering with Starry Arts School for the daily camps:
    which include 2hr Science class and 2 hr Art Class PLUS MORE EXCITING ACTIVITIES!! Our Amazing Fun Camp is suitable for kids aged 5-9.

    Kids will enjoy a Science lesson with fun experiments and hand-on activities.
    The program is designed by Dr. Chris Ferrie, the best selling children’s science book author on Amazon, famous quantum physicist.
    Learn about Physics and the foundation of science concepts and bring out the scientist in your child.

    Science Topics will cover:
    Day 1 Momentum/ Momentum Canon
    Day 2 Reaction Force/Rocket Car
    Day 3 Potential Energy/Solar Fan
    Day 5 Reflection/Kaleidoscope

    The daily camps will be run by Starry Arts School and includes drawing, drawing, crafts, animation, etc. Our teaching focuses on artistic skills and skills, art theory and related STEAM knowledge, as well as the development of creative and critical thinking. All Starry Arts instructors are experienced, with most holding a double degree in Arts and Education and are already certified by the NSW Children’s Guardian’s Office.

    Art Topics will cover:
    1. Landscape Painting: Northern Lights Over Mountains and Sea
    2. Building Craft: Chinese Style
    3. Landscape Painting: Snowy Mountains
    5. Flying Character: Robot

    Camp Locations and Time:
    *Pennant hills(3 July-10 July 9am-5pm)
    *Chatswood(10 July-14 July 9am-5pm)
    *Burwood(3 July-14 July 9am-5pm)
    *Epping(10 July-14 July 9am-5pm)

8 Warne St, Pennant Hills NSW 2120, Australia

5 - 9 years old

0 hour



Accepts creative kids vouchers

Where to find us

8 Warne St, Pennant Hills NSW 2120, Australia

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Dr Chris Education

5.0 out of 5 (View 11 reviews)

Dr. Chris Education aims to encourage kids falling in love with science from a very young age.

The company develops a variety of children’s science education products including children’s science book publication, science experiment short video production, STEAM online courses, DIY science crates, indoor science exhibitions and STEAM camps.

By encouraging the concept of learning science at home and from daily phenomenon, kids can experience the charm of science in a most creative and fun way!

We operate from six locations in Sydney : Chatswood, Hurstville, Burwood , Pennant Hills, Bondi and Epping


Dr. Chris STEAM lab provides a series of primary science lessons developed and designed based on Dr. Chris Ferrie’s works on children’s science education. With fun science experiences hands on science experiments and scientific testing, the course helps school age kids better understand and apply the knowledge of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) in their daily life.

The course will enhance their ability to understand and apply scientific knowledge in a hands on way. Kids can either enrol in our face to face or online live courses, or to buy a STEAM box and follow along with our recorded courses.

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5 out of 5 from 11 reviews on


Top 5 reviews

Song Vicky on


11 months ago

I highly recommend the Dr Chris Steam Lab Science Program for young learners! My 7-year-old son has been attending this program during school holidays, and it has been an amazing experience for him. The program offers engaging and interactive activities tailored for his age group. The instructors are knowledgeable and make science fun and accessible. It fosters curiosity, critical thinking, and a love for science.The program provides a safe and supportive environment. I've seen my son's enthusiasm and knowledge grow since joining. Don't miss out on this fantastic science program!

Liang Li on


11 months ago

Dr Chris Education’s holiday program was nothing short of amazing, and we have kept coming back for more. The instructors were knowledgeable, skilled and truly passionate about science. My son had an absolute blast learning about different scientific concepts and conducting various experiments. The program was well-organised and structured, which allowed for a great balance of fun and learning. They covered a wide range of topics and kept the kids engaged throughout the entire day.

I highly recommend Dr Chris Education for anyone looking for a fun and educational program for their child. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

Renee Zhong on


10 months ago

My daughter has been going to Dr Chris’s school holiday camp for almost 3 years. Enjoyed it every time. The activities are interesting and educational, kids feel a good sense of accomplishment when they finish a craft. Science and art combined, it’s endless fun!

Edwin Chow on


11 months ago

My son thoroughly enjoyed the holiday camp programs last Easter period at Epping. The feedback from him was that science activities was engaging and he liked it very much, with the staff able to engage well with the kids. The project that he built and brought home was a lift kit using hydraulics which taught them physics applications.

Rena liu on


11 months ago

My kids 9yo and 6yo attended Dr Chris Steam Lab holiday camp last school holiday. They loved it so much and had told me straight after that they wanna go again this school holiday😆 We attended the one in Pennant Hills where Arts and Science topics were available for them to explore each day. Big smiles on face and excitement to share what they have learnt in the STEAM class made us so happy and proud of them ❤️

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