After school art is an art program that is run throughout the school term. Each school term we run a block of 8 weeks. Each week we look at a new artist or a new technique and create a project on what we've learnt. We make clay sculptures, paint watercolours, use paper mache, acrylic paints...the list is long. If you'd like more information on this program please send me an email at

254 Campbell St, Newtown QLD 4350, Australia

4 - 15 years old

0 hour

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254 Campbell St, Newtown QLD 4350, Australia

About the provider


Hello and welcome :) My name is Carolyn. I live here in Toowoomba with my 2 children, our cats Sonny, Max and Gingie, and our chooks.

I run art sessions and workshops in my home studio, which is a gorgeous converted timber shed/cottage in my back yard.

Ever since I can remember I've been a creator and lover of anything art or craft. Making pom poms, handmade cards, drawing faces, sewing bits and pieces, going to pottery classes - it was what my childhood was made of - and I loved it. This is why I am so excited about opening my studio to like minded people. I want them to feel that inside happiness that I did (and still do).

I am a former display artist. I spent years hand building and painting oversized props for shopping centre and shop window displays. I learnt to sign write and paint large banners and other promotional material. I also learnt graphic design, screen printing and paper mache.

I am a lifelong learner, always wanting to add to my toolbox of skills. I volunteer at my daughters primary school were I have coordinated their annual Art Show (taking the art sessions with the students and then organising and hanging their pieces).

I don't take myself too seriously & I love to laugh hard.

About Clever Little Art Studio

This is my happy space - it's where I welcome people to come and create. I try and take the hassle out of the equation for anyone who wants to create something. I'll organise the supplies, the space, the mess and the project. I set the basis for a workshop and welcome anyone to adapt it to their skills and artistic impression. I believe that every person is creative in some space or form and I love to nurture and encourage that. The more individual and creative someone is the braver they are in my eyes. It takes courage to do something unique and different to the person sitting next to you, but this is such a wonderful skill to have in life.

I take time and pride in planning each of my workshops. I try and gather the best ideas and materials to create something unique and different to what is taught at school or online. Its important that anyone coming to my studio leaves with a new skill or trick or fact relating to the topic or style of the day. We paint, draw, collage, construct, sculpt, stick, up-cycle and paper mache our hearts out.

MY STUDIO is bright, inviting, nurturing, welcoming, fun, inspiring, safe, imaginative and creative...and quite often very noisy!

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