What is this class for?

    For children 5 years old and above
    Children who are somewhat familiar with the shapes
    Children who like art, drawing, painting, craft and color
    What’s special with drawing class at SLS?

    All materials provided, including a blank canvas, paint, brushes and an apron.
    Children are allowed to bring their canva artworks home.
    CBD location with small size class of only 6 children per class.
    Discount for siblings, cousins or if studying another language course with us
    Special discount for students who enroll in drawing programs

    Spend an extra $100 on enrolling in a confirmed rare language course for kids
    (full price: $330/10 weeks).

    Get a 20% discount on enrolling in a confirmed rare language course for adults.
    What equipment do you need to bring to class?

    Upcoming courses for TERM 1

    Time: Option 1: Wednesday17 April 2024 4:00pm-5:30pm
    Time: Option 2: Thursday 18 April 5:00-6:30pm
    Duration: 10 weeks x 1 hour 30 minutes [Parents can choose to learn 4 weeks or 10 weeks]
    Fee: $66 incl. GST [ if you choose to learn 1 session]
    Fee: $242 incl. GST [ if you choose to learn 10 weeks]
    Fee: $352 incl. GST [ if you choose to learn 4 weeks]
    Once you’re on the form, please select ‘Social Painting Workshop’ and choose your desired class!

    Just yourself and your favourite drinks and nibbles!

    Painting Topic

    Week 1 – Wed 17 April / Thurs 18 April – My family
    Week 2 – Wed 24 April / Thurs 25 April – My pets
    Week 3 – Wed 01 May / Thurs 02 May – Sydney Landscape
    Week 4 – Wed 08 May / Thurs 9 May – Australian animals (Kangaroo, Koala, Wombat)
    Week 5 – Wed 15 May / Thurs 16 May – The beach
    Week 6 – Wed 22 May / Thurs 23 May – Drawing Dogman
    Week 7 – Wed 29 May / Thurs 30 May – Father and I
    Week 8 – Wed 5 June / Thurs 06 June – Unicorn
    week 9 – Wed 12 June / Thurs 13 June – Pokemon
    Week 10 – Wed 19 June / Thurs 20 June – Sunrise / Sunset


    Enrol two weeks before starting date and receive a 10% EARLY BIRD
    All students of the Drawing class can join any trial language class at SLS for free. Please email to book your Free Trial Class
    Terms and Condition:

    Once the course is confirmed, no refund of the course fee will be issued. If you can’t attend after the course starts, we can offer credit for you to use in the next term if we receive the request within 3 weeks from the class starting date.
    Any request to refund for the course must be made 7 working days before the course starts and occurs $50 admin fee
    Each class needs at least 4 students to confirm. We cannot always control the number of participants, so if the course does not have enough students to confirm, we either cancel the course and issue a full refund or delay the course to 2 weeks to get more enrolment or operate the course as a small group tutor with fewer hours.
    If you are absent for any reason, we cannot offer a make-up class. Any arrangement for makeup class needs to be done before the course starts

Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

7 - 19 years old

1.5 hours



Accepts creative kids vouchers

Where to find us

Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

About the provider


Sydney Language Solutions

4.6 out of 5 (View 244 reviews)

SLS is managed by professional linguists and language teachers who offer best-practice language services. Director, Dr Na Pham and her team have many years of experience in language teaching, translating, interpreting, and editing across the language, cultural and corporate fields.

Our language trainers and editors are not only native speakers of the language they teach, they also love the work they do. They have impressive qualifications, together with at least 5 years of teaching experience.

Our translators and interpreters at Sydney Language Solutions are accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd (NAATI).

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4.6 out of 5 from 244 reviews on


Top 5 reviews

ambre nya on


2 weeks ago

Amazing teacher and achieved more than my desired score. Needed 65/90 and ended up achieving 83/90 with two of my scores 90/90. Hien, my tutor was very direct, no sugar coating the work that needed to be done and cautioned when repeating 'silly mistakes" as she always mentioned during our classes. Basically she worked on my weaknesses and turned them into my greatest assets to be successful and went to the exam room with no fear of failure due to several mock test.

Sophie Huynh on


a week ago

I have taken a PTE Course Tutor at Sydney Language Solutions in Jan 2024. I really like the teacher because she takes time to explain to us the tips and the trick very carefully. I have tried several big classes and never pass, so taking this tutor is my best decision as it helps me to fix problem and gain my scores in a short time. Thank you SLS.

EY L on


4 months ago

Follow up -2nd payment came through 2 days afterwards. I appreciated the prompt refund of 1st payment and the staff responsible for this made calls and apologized after the review. I hope this will not happen again, following this and last review made by another customer.

Original - Paid for 2 Japanese holiday courses in Nov 2023, but No confirmation of the class has ever been sent to me. I only received the email on the 8 Jan 2024 night that the Japanese class will not go ahead on 9 Jan 2024 morning in 12 hours window. When I sent emails and left a voicemail to inquire the status of next class on 17 Jan 2024, nobody ever responded. Called again on 11 Jan 2024, Coordinator Miss M confirmed me that the 17 Jan 2024 class at 9:30am will go ahead and she will Personally Call me if the class is cancelled 3 days prior to 17 Jan 2024. Today 17 Jan 2024, nobody opens the door until 10:30am, I haven’t been informed about the cancellation of the class. Nobody responds any calls and emails prior. I have to skip my workday and wait outside the centre for 1.5 hours until someone opened the door to find out what the heck is going on!!! The staff told me the refund requires 10 days which is extremely unreasonable because it only requires the owner to access the bank account and authorize the refund in less than 5 should not take more than 1 hours to process the refund if you meant to do it!!! I should have read the reviews earlier before sign-up which I’ve found this centre has developed a pattern of taking the customers money upfront, then cancelling the classes, and taking their time to process refund. Whoever read this, you certainly have to weigh in the risk of cancellation in last minute before sign-up.

Moon Ana on


in the last week

My son learns Japanese for kids at SLS with Ms Toshiko. Even though I was a bit not sure at first about Ms Toshiko, as she seems to be very experienced more with adults, I was persuaded a lot by her teaching at the end. She was passionate in her teaching and helps my son to improve his Japanese. Thanks all.

Phương Mai Hồ on


4 months ago

The institution is not new but it is still good. I have finished my tutorial recently at this school and it was a good learning experience. The teacher was nice and well-prepared for lessons. I also received additional materials for my upcoming exam. I have been learning here for almost a year and will take my language test soon. Then I will update you about my result.

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