Clay Hand Building

    Teaching children how to create clay sculptures or pottery objects is a fantastic hands-on activity that allows for artistic expression and creativity. Here's a step-by-step guide for the entire process, including slow drying, glazing, and firing:

    Step-by-Step Guide:

    1. Introduction:

    Briefly discuss the basics of clay sculpting or pottery and show examples of finished pieces.

    2. Sculpting:

    Provide a demonstration on basic clay sculpting techniques, emphasizing hand-building or coil-building for beginners.
    Offer guidance and assistance as needed.

    3. Glazing:

    Explain the glazing process and show examples of glazed ceramics.
    Choosing Colors:
    Provide a variety of glaze colors for the children use
    Hands-On Activity:
    Guide the children in applying glazes to their clay pieces. Emphasize the importance of even application and creativity.

    4. Slow Drying:

    Label each child's creation to ensure proper identification.
    Place the pieces in a designated area where they can slowly dry over the next few weeks.

    5. Firing:

    Kiln Operation:
    Have an experienced adult operate the kiln to fire the glazed pieces.

    6. Pickup Information:

    Notify Parents:
    Inform parents or guardians that the fired pieces will be ready for pick up three weeks after the class.

    7. Celebration and Display:

    Display Finished Pieces:
    Once the pieces are ready, display them in a designated area for everyone to admire.

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5 - 12 years old

3 hours



Accepts creative kids vouchers

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333 Old South Head Rd, North Bondi NSW 2026, Australia

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For some classic fun, paint at Plaster Master Fun Centre.

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1. Your most beloved Plaster figures, animals, and cars are waiting for you to paint them however you please. To really make them pop, we can optionally add gloss and glitter.

2. Our wide selection of ceramic money and jewelry boxes, bowls, mugs, plates, vases, and vases that you can customize with your own chic and wild patterns. After 10 days of being fired in our kiln, these ceramics are safe to eat and can be used for their intended purpose.

3. Every year during the school break, we host camps with brand-new activities.

4. Children's events: painting, slime, and puppet performances

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