$55 per class


    Book all 11 classes & we will give your child an art stationery set. These will be given out at the program.
    Book by 4.30pm Monday March 25th for the Early Bird.

    Early drop off: 8:00am ­- 9:00am (No charge)
    Late pick up: 5:00pm ­- 6:00pm (No charge)


    ⭐ Monday April 8th

    >>> Class 1: 9am -­ 1pm

    ○ Theme: Hawaiian. Wear colourful clothes. Prizes for best dressed.
    ○ Draw: A tropical island.
    ○ Play: The exciting game ‘Charge’.
    ○ Coral reef: Draw life in the sea.
    ○ Enjoy: Decorate & eat doughnuts.
    ○ Squishies: Play the squishy game.
    ○ Draw reptiles: A frog, snake & a turtle.
    ○ Make: A tower with marshmallows & spaghetti.
    ○ Competition: Design a candy packet. Win USA candy!

    >>> Class 2: 1pm ­- 5pm

    ○ Theme: Hawaiian. Wear colourful clothes. Prizes for best dressed.
    ○ Draw: Famous dogs.
    ○ Make: Rainbow biscuits.
    ○ Draw: Cute manga animals.
    ○ Explore: ‘Narnia’ near the hall.
    ○ Draw: A landscape with colour.
    ○ Draw: SpongebobTM. l Balloon skirmish: Play rob the nest.
    ○ Competition: Design a ‘time machine’.

    ⭐ Tuesday April 9th

    >>> Class 1: 9am -­ 1pm

    ○ Theme: Messy clothes & hair. Prizes for ‘worst’ dressed.
    ○ Kids on wheels: Bring your scooters.
    ○ Draw: Australian animals.
    ○ Enjoy: USA chocolate tastings.
    ○ Slime: Make fun oobleck slime!
    ○ Play: The shaving cream battle.
    ○ Draw: A giraffe, meerkat & an elephant.
    ○ Play: Harry PotterTM, PokémonTM & Star WarsTM trivia.
    ○ PokémonTM: Draw them & bring in your cards to trade

    >>> Class 2: 1pm -­ 5pm

    ○ Theme: Messy clothes & hair. Prizes for the ‘worst’ dressed.
    ○ Kids on wheels: Bring your scooters.
    ○ Draw: Cute penguins.
    ○ Draw: Farm animals.
    ○ Enjoy: Make fruit mocktails.
    ○ Pokémon: Swap & trade your cards.
    ○ Draw: A volcano erupting lava.
    ○ Flour fight: Join in the fun.
    ○ Draw: A variety of cartoon birds.

    ⭐ Wednesday April 10th

    >>> Class 1: 9am -­ 1pm

    ○ Theme: PJ’s. Prizes for best dressed. Bring in your teddy bears.
    ○ Play: Sock wrestling.
    ○ Draw: HogwartsTM castle.
    ○ Draw: SonicTM & YoshiTM. l Play: Capture the flag.
    ○ Draw: Dinosaurs.
    ○ Draw: Teddy bears.
    ○ Enjoy: Delicious Skittle S’mores & enjoy a teddy bears picnic.
    ○ Competition: Join in the Taylor Swift singing challenge for prizes.

    >>> Class 2: 1pm -­ 5pm

    ○ Theme: PJ’s. Prizes for best dressed.
    ○ Draw: Cartoon monkeys.
    ○ Find: The hidden gold coins.
    ○ Draw: Cute insects.
    ○ Build: A match stick tower.
    ○ Paint: With watercolour.
    ○ Meet: Worlds smallest person.
    ○ Treasure hunt: In the park.
    ○ Oreo’s: TM Guess the unusual new flavours (try grape & peach) while blind folded

    ⭐ Thursday April 11th

    >>> Class 1: 9am -­ 1pm

    ○ Theme: Sparkles & movie stars. Prizes for best dressed.
    ○ Competition: Design & win a watch.
    ○ Face painting: Be creative.
    ○ Make: Clay miniature food.
    ○ Draw: A dragon.
    ○ Draw: MarioTM & ToadTM. l Enjoy:Hit & miss jelly ­ it’s all the craze!
    ○ Make­over: Get your hair coloured & nails painted.
    ○ Secret code: Work out the message to find the treasure.

    >>> Class 2: 1pm -­ 5pm

    ○ Theme: Sparkles & movie stars.
    ○ Draw: Cute EggieTM.
    ○ Build: With LegoTM. l Draw: 3D pictures.
    ○ Design: T.Shirts ­ we’ll provide.
    ○ Make: & eat a candy monster.
    ○ Science: With mad Professor!
    ○ Play: Indiana JonesTM game.
    ○ Make: Jewellery with beads.

    >>> Class 3: 5pm -­ 9pm

    ○ Draw: Cute MinionsTM. l Play: Sock wrestling ‘Nerf gun’ style.
    ○ Draw: Among UsTM & MinecraftTM. l Tim TamTM Tasting: Guess the flavour while blind folded.
    ○ Nerf gun battle disco: Bring in your nerf guns & goggles for a safe battle & disco.
    ○ Play: Murder in the dark! l A very exciting game with balloons. The best game ever!

    ⭐ Friday April 12th

    >>> Class 1: 9am -­ 1pm

    ○ Theme: All things Japanese. Prizes for best dressed.
    ○ Make: Japanese origami.
    ○ Draw: Kawaii ‘cute’ pets.
    ○ Draw: Hello KittyTM. l Draw: Astro BoyTM. l Play: The Pinata game.
    ○ Draw: Animated fruit & veggies.
    ○ Pocky Sticks:TM Guess the flavour blind folded.
    ○ Waterfight: Bring your waterguns. Join in if you want to.

    >>> Class 2: 1pm ­- 5pm Market Day ­(BEST class of the week!)

    ○ Theme: All things Japanese. Prizes for best dressed.
    ○ Draw: Manga faces.
    ○ Draw:  Cartoon monsters.
    ○ Enjoy: Japanese Mochi.
    ○ Draw: Anime characters.
    ○ Play: The paper mummy game.
    ○ Kingdom Markets: Prepare a shop for Market Day. The best class of the week. Children buy & sell using Kingdom money.
    ○ Talent show: Singing, dancing, gymnastics, comedy... perform for prizes.

33 Greenwood Cres, Moil NT 0810, Australia

4 - 16 years old

4 hours

Where to find us

33 Greenwood Cres, Moil NT 0810, Australia

About the provider


The Illustrating Man Designs

3.4 out of 5 (View 10 reviews)


Children will learn the basics of cartooning & drawing. No previous drawing skills are required.

Children will be shown how to draw many of the following: Aliens, animals, beach scenes, caricatures, cities, dinosaurs, insects, painting, people, science fiction, transportation, boats, cars and planes, tropical islands, underwater landscapes, 3D landscapes.


At the Cartoon Kingdom we have put our heads together & come up with some great ideas for the holidays. We would love to come to your centre, library or school and entertain you!

Below are the workshops we have on offer:

★ Cartooning Camp

★ Cartooning Workshops

★ Clay Model Workshops

★ Manga Art Workshops

★ Tattoos & Face Painting Workshops

★ Art & Craft Workshop

★ Comic Strip (Graphic Novel Workshop)


The Illustrating Man Designs Pty Ltd, trading as the Cartoon Kingdom, is Australia's largest leading cartooning, entertainment & art education company providing caricature artists and entertainers to all functions. This includes corporate and public sectors, weddings, product launches, charity fundraising, festivals and private parties.

No job is too big or too small for our cartoonists, caricaturists and other entertainers. We run a range of vacation care workshops locally and also conduct children’s cartooning camps all over Australia and internationally, including New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Canada, United Kingdom and Hawaii.

We also specialise in studio caricatures as gifts and design logos, comic strips and illustrations for books, promotional publications, invitations and Xmas cards. Established for more than 30 years, we are known for our attention to detail, affordability, reliability & punctuality. We pride ourselves on our excellent service & product.

We will provide you with a service & artwork that will amaze you. Please call our friendly staff in the office to discuss how we can make your function or artwork come alive with our cartoonists, caricaturists or other entertainers.

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5 out of 5

by Emily B

My daughter had a great time! Loved the drawing activities. Will definitely be back.

1 out of 5

by Judith A

My daughter has anxiety and i needed to stay at the workshop until she was relaxed and comfortable. The facilitator would not accommodate this, then gave me a lecture about my approach to parenting. I...

5 out of 5

by Morgan M

My daughter had a great time! And begged to go back for the whole week.

5 out of 5

by Sarina B

Brought my little niece up from bendigo to shepparton for this and she loved it the man was also very nice

1 out of 5

by Cherie S

My eldest daughter (13 years) found it disappointing and understaffed. She ended up assisting the helpers as they were simply drawing from videos off YouTube, which she often does at home. Once the 3r...

1 out of 5

by Emily V

Worst vacation care program ever. Children were yelled at, no behavioural policies present, no special needs support for ADHD and ASD, payed for food and it was wrong, activities weren’t scaffolded a...


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