The Pool Training Session is a perfect opportunity to refresh those skills that you never use, like emergency ascent, but that you want to be proficient at it if you ever need it.

    A program that is tailor made for you: refresh all your Open Water Skills or pick the ones you prefer to put extra work on. The perfect opportunity to ensure readiness for any emergency situation or just to get hold of your buoyancy.

    The 2 hours Scuba Skills Pool Training Session is designed to allow you time with a diving instructor in a heated diving training pool.

    You might want to refresh everything you learned in your original diving course, but haven't used it in a while. Or you might want to just have some time you and the instructor and fine tune some of your skills. This program is flexible to fit your needs.

    At your choice, this program can offer assistance on the following:

    ★ Knowledge Review: a quick quiz and a good chat with he instructor to refresh your memory on dive theory, physics and physiology;
    ★ Open Water dive skills circuit: refresh everything you learned in your original diving course;
    ★ Choose diving skills you would like to work on;

    Theory session

    Refresh all the dive theory through a quick review.

    Pool Session

    At our heated in-store pool, you will do:

    ★ Assembly/Disassembly of dive gear
    ★ Pre dive safety check
    ★ Revision of all Open water dive skills: includes mask clearing, out of air scenarios, controlled emergency swim ascent, hovering and buoyancy skills
    ★ Gear maintenance and care


    ★ Student need to be at least 12 years old
    ★ Hold a minimum certification of PADI Open Water Diver (or Junior Open Water Certification) or equivalent

    What’s Included

    ★ FREE Gear Hire
    ★ PADI Instructor tuition and administrative fees

539 Willoughby Rd, Willoughby NSW 2068, Australia

12 - 19 years old

0 hour

Where to find us

539 Willoughby Rd, Willoughby NSW 2068, Australia

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Frog Dive Scuba Centre

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Immerse yourself in an underwater wonderland and learn to scuba dive with Frog Dive Scuba Centres today...


★ SCUBA For Kids - Bubble Maker Program

The PADI Bubble Maker Program is a 2-hour course where the kids can try a scuba diving experience. The program consists of a 20 min video with a basic introduction to Scuba Diving followed by a LOT OF FUN in our heated pool! With small groups, the kids are sure to have a great time under the supervision of our PADI Instructor.

★ SCUBA for Kids - Kids Parties

Perfect set up for birthday parties or a friendly get together, this 2-hour program is available on most Sundays, or if you have a specific date just call in and we will make it happen. Booking in advance is essential.

The program consists of a 20 min video with a basic introduction to Scuba Diving followed by a LOT OF FUN in our heated pool afterwards! With small groups, the kids are sure to have a great time under the supervision of our PADI Instructor.

★ PADI Junior Open Water Diver - Learn How to Dive

It's never too early to find your passion, bring the kids to learn how to dive and open up a whole new world to explore! Kids 12 years or older can became a certified Junior Open Water diver.

The course for the kids is the same as for adults. The difference for a junior certification is that the child need to go diving with a parent/guardian or divemaster and the maximum certification depth is 12 meters (as oppose to 18 meters for a Full Open Water Certification).


At Frog Dive, we are a company built by experienced divers for divers. Founded in 1985, we are one of the oldest dive shops in Sydney providing the best deals on scuba gear and training. We are active divers, constantly diving in Australia and overseas in all conditions. Our team is knowledgeable in all types of diving and have the experience to go with it.


To ensure the safety and the enjoyment of our students, we run our classes in small groups. With a maximum number of 8 students per class and an Instructor and Divemaster working with each group, you will have the attention and time of our staff to develop your diving skills, no rush.

If you are wondering what’s the differential that makes Frog Dive the best dive shop to Learn How to Dive with: small groups, world class diving training and an internationally recognised certification agency. That means proper training, not overload student/instructor ratio and you can go diving anywhere in the world after, without hassles.


Diving is fun! But is also hard work. At Frog Dive we are committed to creating the best divers, with good diving practices. Our courses are designed so you have enough time to learn your skills whilst still having a good time. If after the days of the course you or your instructor believes there's an area for improvement, you can do and re-do the classes as many times as you wish! No rush, no hassles.


Want to go for a dive but not sure where to go or don’t have a buddy? That’s not a problem! Every weekend we have a Divemaster at different dive sites in Sydney to show you around, plus it’s a great opportunity to meet some dive buddies. Free of charge and open water friendly, we want you to keep diving.

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