Sewing Holiday Program (6yrs +)

Artspark • Rozelle 2039


    We would like to share the love and knowledge of sewing and textile! Nowadays much less people have the skills of sewing compare to when our parents were young, also it is great skill to have. We will teach different type of hand stitching, how to operate sewing machines, selecting fabric suited to the projects and how to read patterns. Older and advanced students will learn more of the advance knowledge of related technique and ideas.

    Around 90% of our material comes from recycled source like industrial waste. Don’t worry they are clean! We are conscious about reducing waste and take care of our environment while making great projects!

    We offer a few projects each days. Children who attend multiple workshops won't repeat the project (unless if they really want to! : )

43 Merton St, Rozelle NSW 2039, Australia

6 - 15 years old

0 hour



Accepts creative kids vouchers

Where to find us

43 Merton St, Rozelle NSW 2039, Australia

About the provider

Located in the middle of Rozelle, Artspark is a sun-filled art and sewing studio with an eco-friendly garden. The garden has many edible plants, and is home to two chickens and two guinea pigs. A perfect place to relax, play, and source materials for projects, the garden also gives students the opportunity to tend to plants, and learn how to associate with animals in kind ways.

Artspark provides school term classes, holiday workshops, weekend parties and events, and adult art & sewing classes. Our programs have various art methods and mediums, such as collage, paint, found materials, papier-mâché sculpture, and drawing media. Many of our projects focus on learning from nature, and use a STEAM approach.

We believe art-making is a valuable tool for self expression and gaining independence.

This quote from sculptor Churyo Sato speaks to Artspark's approach to creativity:

“ The purpose of artmaking is not to draw a good picture  or make things with well-formed line. Draw the things you see carefully and make the things you think with your heart. Then you will understand how wonderful nature is and what kind of person you want to become – That is the purpose” – Churyo Sato (“To person who will read this book,” Art for Children 1, 1980).

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